Xanax Addiction and Pain Medication – Can We Move Past Them

Xanax Addiction and Pain Medication – Can We Move Past Them

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Xanax Addiction and Pain Medication – Can We Move Past Them

Abusing anxiety relief medications, opioids, morphine, and prescription pain medications is a serious issue that can harm the physical and mental health of many individuals. This is something that is a global issue and needs to be tackled hands on.

In the US alone, over 50 million people over 12 years of age have used over the counter prescription medication for reasons other than medical. Painkillers are among the medication types that are used most frequently, followed by tranquilizers, stimulants, and sedatives.

What’s even more peculiar is that methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine use is way lesser in comparison to prescription drugs. That means there are more cases of people using prescription drugs in comparison to these illicit drugs for casual use.

Painkillers and Xanax Are Among the Worst

We get really anxious in many everyday situations. Nearly 40 million adults have some kind of anxiety disorder. Even worse is that about 33% of the total health bill in America is made up of anxiety disorder treatment. Rehab for Xanax addiction is also on the rise.

There is around 12% of the young population that is affected by anxiety disorders, too. Opioids and Painkillers are also a problem that we must face, given that almost every 4 out of 5 prescription opioid drugs consumed in the world are consumed right here in America. 9% of the population (2010), who are 12 years and older, need illicit drug and alcohol treatment. Between 25 to 54-year-olds are most likely to suffer from an overdose in America. They exhibit the highest OD rates.

People already addicted to pain relievers of the opioid nature are more inclined to use heroin because of it’s cheaper price. That’s why 75% of people who are new to using heroin, have used opioid prescriptions in the past.

It’s the friends and company to keep who is to take half the blame. This is because more than 50% of prescription painkiller users received painkillers from friends and relatives and 2 out of every 5 of these painkiller users got these for free.

Xanax is an anxiety relief medicine that can become highly addictive if not controlled in its use. It acts on the central nervous system by releasing the neurotransmitter (brain chemical) called GABA for short. It’s normally not recommended to do any heavy lifting or drive under the effects of Xanax.

Some have even said that mixing the use of the two (Xanax anxiety reduction medicine and opioid prescription pills) is a recipe for disaster.

Why is Mixing the Drugs a Disaster?

Xanax in itself can calm the brain and if taken with alcohol, it can worsen that “calmness”. So, if you are taking both at the same time and doing some strenuous or concentration work like operating machinery or driving, it is recommended that you don’t do that. With opioids, there can be a similar effect and a worsening of one’s mental condition.

Is There A Way Out?

If you normally do not use these drugs or have occasionally been prescribed, the way out is to find alternatives and health anxiety and healthy coping mechanisms. For emotional pain and physical pain due to withdrawal symptoms, complete drug rehab programs are a viable option.

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Dale is a writer and researcher in the fields of mental health and addiction. After a battle with drug addiction, Dale was able to earn his Bachelor’s Degree and find a job doing what he loves. When not working, Dale is writing about addiction and mental health with the hopes of lifting the negative stigma associated with both.

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