50 Cent’s Secrets and The Secret to Making Those Stupid Affirmations Work

50 Cent’s Secrets and The Secret to Making Those Stupid Affirmations Work

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50 Cent’s

50 Cent is a rap superstar turned media mogul and entrepreneur. He’s also the guy who survived getting shot 9 times (9 TIMES!) in 2000.

And he’s got something to tell you about how to succeed in the world of business, a place he finds is more ruthless than the streets of Queens, New York in the ’80s.

You can read the entire article in Entrepreneur, but I want to make sure you do not miss #2 because this has made a huge difference in my life and the lives of every successful person out there.

Here it is:

“Don’t retain information, internalize it.”

50 Cent didn’t finish high school, and yet he strikes deals with people who have a far higher level of education.

That’s because he knows that what they teach you in school doesn’t matter. “If all the information that you needed in business was in the book, then the teacher would be too successful to teach the class.”

What matters is whether you can apply what you learn in the real world. And the way to do that isn’t to just learn it, but to internalize it and make it your own.

His other advice includes what to do about gatekeepers and the chain of command, how to train for reality, and how to condition yourself for conflict.

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, then this is a must-read.



The Secret to Making Those Stupid Affirmations Work

You’ve got a hurdle. A bug-a-boo. Some little glitch in your thinking that you can’t seem to get over.

So you decide to try affirmations.

You go online, you find some affirmations that resonate with you, and you say them out loud.

And boy does you ever feel stupid.

But you keep trying, at least for a little while.

The thing is, you hate saying those affirmations.

You feel like a fraud.

And you feel downright silly.

It’s not working.

You can’t do this.


I’ve got you covered.

Affirmations DO work IF you use them.

The problem is, most people do NOT like saying them, and I understand that.

Been there, done that, joined the club.

Se here’s what you do:

Write or find the affirmations that speak to the change you want to make. A quick Google search for your keyword coupled with ‘affirmations’ should find you plenty to work with.

Write or ‘copy and paste’ the affirmations into a Word file. Save it because you’ll be using it often.

Now click on “Review”.

Click ‘Control’ and ‘A’ together to highlight your entire document.

Click on ‘Read Aloud’.

You might have to do those last two steps twice. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

Let the computer voice read your affirmations to you while you do other stuff.

Repeat this process at least twice a day. The more you do it, the better. 

Actively listen when you want to, and let it run in the background when you don’t. I like to actively listen while playing games.

Do this every day for a few days, and you’ll notice a change.

Weird but true… it flat-out works.

Try it. 


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