Extremely Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Dark Skin

Extremely Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Dark Skin

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Extremely Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Dark Skin

By Melissa Mellie Contributing Author and skincare expert

Are you avoiding social gatherings and crowded places because of embarrassment caused by acne scars and dark skin? If you tired following the tips and tricks suggested by your friends, here are a few easy ways for you. Read on to know about the most effective and easy tips to get rid of acne scars and dark skin. A bit of home remedies and Acne Cream by Dermology is all that you need to get rid of any acne or dark skin related issues. Let’s have a look –

Extremely Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Dark Skin

  1. Never throw tomato pulp

What better than using the kitchen ingredients for skin care? Tomato pulp is extremely effective in removing oil from your skin that causes acne. It also brightens your skin and works well against the aging signs. You can apply tomato pulp as a paste and let it dry for 15-20 minutes or use it to scrub the face.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Fresh aloe vera gel is one of the most effective and common skin care ingredients that you can easily use by planting a tree at home. For all the acne scars and dark skin related embarrassments, fresh aloe vera gel can do wonders.

  1. Cucumber

Dark circle and too much pressure on the eyes is something that we cannot avoid in this age of technology. A thin slice of cucumber can make up for all the harm that you cause to your skin each day. You can also use cucumber like face pack for a cool and fresh feel after returning from a busy day at work.

  1. Lemon juice

Lemon is one of the most easily available kitchen ingredients for most that can be used to take care of skin. You can take a few drops of lemon juice, dilute it with few drops of water and apply it all over your skin. Wash off with water after it rests for 20-25 minutes or until the pack dries.

  1. Raw potatoes lighten sun tanning

Raw potato pastes are extremely effective in lightening sun tanning and making your skin look attractive. If you are worried about the occasional tanning after a beach holiday or daily exposure of skin to the harmful sunrays, make sure to use raw potato paste at least once a week.

  1. Use a specialized cream

All the home remedies and kitchen ingredients work great but they might need a little more time to show results. Similarly, preparing a paste or pack might be difficult in days with tight schedule at work. Hence, relying on a good quality anti-acne cream like Acne Cream by Dermology can ease your fight against acne and dark skin issues.

  1. Mind your diet

Diet plays a vital role in keep your body healthy and making your skin glowing. Include a lot of seasonal and fresh veggies and fruits in your daily diet. Include ingredients that are rich in anti-oxidants and also keep yourself well hydrated.


Melissa Mellie is a skincare expert by profession. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people. She regularly contributes her write ups to health or skin care related websites and blogs. In her free time she loves to travel, fashion shows and music.

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