What Are the Advantages of The Amalgam Separator?

What Are the Advantages of The Amalgam Separator?

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Amalgam Separator

It is a well-known fact that mercurial waste in the environment is hazardous and a small portion of it comes from the dental practices. It is available in the form of amalgam; however, removal is essential as the impurities based on mercury are not biodegradable. Some of the sources also include saliva ejectors, chair-side trap filters, amalgam capsules and similar restorations for extracting the tooth. Amalgam separator can be used to remove the water and prevent mercurial pollution in the environment. Dental best practices also play a very important role in managing the problem.

What Is an Amalgam?

It is a combination of different metals that are joined together to form a solid and forceful bond.  They are instrumental in creating a powerful grip over the tooth and last for a very long time. Similarly, the crown is also used by the dentists to restore the teeth and prevent the spread of plaque along with infections. Apart from safety measures, the professionals take various measure for the safe disposal of the amalgam. The rubber dam is also used to prevent the patients from consuming the stuff accidentally.


Separators play a very important role in removing the amalgam from the sewage. If it is left for the longer time, the mercury-based substances can cause large scale contamination.  The Amalgam Separator removes the impurities with the help of the process called sedimentation. Under the procedure, the heavy particles are left behind while the lighter substances are removed in an easy and hassle-free manner.

Installation Procedure:

Installation of the device is essential to ensure sterling performance from a long-term perspective. You need to find the suitable location in the room because wrong placement could lead to the suction loss followed by non-compliance. In such cases, warranties also become null and void.

Chair Inlet:

One of the most important aspects of the inlet is installation on a dry vacuum system. Moreover, you should also consider the distance of the pipe from the inlet chair. Generally, the suction lines run underground through the basement. In some cases, the mechanical room is in the basement; therefore, the inlet would enter from the ceiling.


  • Some of the amalgam separators are using the gravitational method to accomplish the task, therefore they do not require large amount of power and are cost effective for the customers.
  • Presence of scrubbers also plays an important role in removing the solid waste of mercury within the shortest possible time frame.
  • In addition, the trash does not get stuck in the suction pipe due to the high speed of the water flowing through the suction lines.
  • During the installation of Amalgam Separator make sure that that the hose is flexible as the bends may block the passage of air over a period.
  • Hard pipes should not be used because they cannot be according to the requirements of the customers.
  • After the installation of Amalgam Separator, you should strictly follow the manual of the manufacturer to ensure the longevity of the product.
  • People need to purchase the branded goods as they are backed by the warranty from reputed company.
  • They also must follow the environmental specification in detail.
  • As far as maintenance is concerned, one may have to use nonabrasive cleaners to rinse away the impurities. The cleaner should not create extra foam apart from sporting acidic solution.
  • In other words, the PH is to be less than 6. During the rinsing process, it is important to limit the flow to not more than 1 liter per minute.


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