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I am a certified hypnotist, author, and scientist. I received a B.S. in Physics in 1990. I managed a Research and Development Laboratory for a biomedical company for ten years. I’ve been involved in sales, persuasion, and hypnosis. I’ve been teaching, coaching and creating hypnosis and NLP based products for over a decade. I enjoy in fun, sports, gambling, betting advice, competitions, betting, gambling strategy, betting online

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How Pets Can Help To Reduce Stress

How Pets Can Help To Reduce Stress
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Nearly everyone suffers from stress in some form or another it is an inbuilt self-defence mechanism that we are all born with. According to stress is a ...
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To Or Away From Motivation

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People are all motivated towards pleasure or away from pain, some people gain more motivation from the idea of gaining pleasure and others from avoiding pain. Which kind ...
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