Why you should get a COVID-19 vaccine

Why you should get a COVID-19 vaccine

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COVID-19 vaccine

It’s that horrible word that has resurfaced daily for the better part of two years – ‘coronavirus’, or ‘COVID-19’, has seemingly been around forever. You can’t turn on the television without there being some kind of bulletin about it. Now though, with the light at the end of the tunnel in sight thanks to mass COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, it seems that it might be something that can eventually be controlled, barring any drastic developments.

Its been a long time

sports arenas

Thanks to on and off lockdowns and seemingly never-ending social distancing regulations, many people haven’t been able to take part in some of their favorite pastimes for a number of months. Whether this is attending sports venues or even just jetting off on a holiday, the restrictions made much of it impossible for a long time. Now with crowds back in stadiums and arenas, it seems the world is inching ever closer to normality. However, there are some venues that ask for negative tests and even proof of vaccinations allowing people into the building. While this is understandable, as everyone has become so used to being on red alert, it can be seen as an inconvenience for those who have purchased tickets and then are refused entry.

Simple solutions

negative corona test

People want to get their lives back to normal, or as normal as can be. Logically if a venue requests a negative test result, then that shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain. If you know that you are in the clear, then it should be fairly routine and it’s just another box to tick on the road back to normality. So, why not schedule a COVID test in Los Angeles to prove that you are in the clear? If you don’t have one, then you could be back fiddling your thumbs at home quicker than you’d hoped.

COVID-19 Vaccine fears

COVID-19 vaccine

There has been a bit of a concern over the COVID-19 vaccine itself as some people are concerned that it contains a live dose of COVID-19. This couldn’t be further from the truth according to the FDA – the vaccine is just there to help. While millions of people have protested against the use of the vaccines, others have been more than willing to take up the offer of an inoculation. Much of it comes from the desire for the pandemic to be over, and out of concern for vulnerable members of society who may not be able to have a vaccine.

Just keep plugging away

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It is worth noting that many major sporting venues across the world are likely to request proof of vaccination or at the very least a negative PCR test, as they bid to claw back much of the money that was lost through enforced closures and completely slashed revenue streams. It is only a matter of time until the world eventually returns to normal. Until then, it is just a matter of doing what is necessary to get by. It has been a long road and now people just need to bide their time, as hopefully, it will all be over soon.

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