Dental hygiene: 12 Ways to keep your kid’s cavity free

Dental hygiene: 12 Ways to keep your kid’s cavity free

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Kids are sometimes difficult, and there are often situations where they are completely rebellious and don’t want to take part in learning about dental hygiene. However, not all is lost when it comes to teaching your kids why brushing is essential.

I was afraid of the dentist when I was younger. However, as soon as my mother explained in a nice way that the dentist is nothing to be afraid of, all the fears were gone. Your kids might take longer to understand, but as long you keep motivated them and choose a great way of helping them, they’ll start doing everything on their own eventually.

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Drink More Water

Water is a crucial element in our lives without which we couldn’t survive. This is especially important when it comes to the hotter months so making your kids learn why water is so essential is on the top of the list. It won’t take long anyway; you’ll think of something. Besides, prevent them from drinking too many fizzy drinks and sodas.

Teach Them to Brush

Kids are quick to learn something new and brushing their teeth might seem intriguing enough on its own. If you present this process as interesting, they’ll start doing it themselves to follow what you said. Brushing isn’t hard, and they don’t have to do it for too long; a minute or two should be enough!

Teach Kids About Flossing

Flossing might not seem like much (and there are those that don’t believe flossing does anything), it’s beneficial when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy. Flossing also requires the person to have a certain degree of skill not to cut himself, so be careful when teaching your kids about it!

Consider Dental Sealants

If your child’s tooth gets chipped or a hole appears, you’ll have to react quickly. He might still not have permanent teeth, but there could be damage to the root if you don’t take him to the dentist. Dental sealants are nothing new and have been in use for some time now; they’re the go-2 way to seal an open tooth.

Get Orthodontic Issues Fixed

As soon as you notice something wrong with your child’s tooth, make sure you contact a dentist and take him for a check-up. This is important as any issues that are left prolonged can only cause even worse damage and problems. It’s in both yours and your child’s best interest to do it if you notice any orthodontic issues.

Use Technology to Make Brushing Fun

Some kids don’t like brushing their teeth, but this is where ingenious parents come into play. There’s an endless number of methods you could use to make brushing fun and interesting for your kid, and one of the best is technology. Maybe use your smartphone? Or buy an electric toothbrush with some interesting feature? The choice is entirely up to you!

Set a Healthy Dental Hygiene Routine and Keep it

Your kid will need to follow a routine because if it doesn’t, the dental hygiene won’t be as good as it should. I was a kid once and sometimes, I skipped brushing my teeth in the morning but mostly because I considered it boring. I had a couple of issues and had a root canal done; something I could have avoided if I stuck to my original routine.

Set a Good Example

Your kids need someone to look up to, and those people are usually the parents. Whatever you’re doing should be an example to your kids. Not only will they learn better this way, but they’ll follow what you’re doing.

Again, you, as a parent, should be the role model for your kid. If you are, your kid will be a great person!

Pick a Good Dentist

Good dentists aren’t hard to come by so don’t just pick the first one you encounter. Enquire into his/her background and try to find as much info as possible. There are some bad dentists and if you start working with them, who knows what might happen. It’s your kid we’re talking about, so a good dentist is imperative, not only for dental health but for mental stability!

Help Them Want to Go to the Dentist

Help your kids understand that going to the dentist is nothing terrifying. It’s a completely normal task, especially if it’s just a check-up. Besides, doing work on your teeth if they’re damaged is necessary.

Don’t Miss a Cleaning

Be with your kid while it’s cleaning and brushing its teeth. They’ll learn that supervision is also important and that you just want the best for them. Because of this, your kids will have an easier time following routines and listen to your feedback.

Minimize your Kids’ sodas

As mentioned earlier, sodas are very unhealthy and will cause your kid’s teeth to decay. Avoid giving them sodas as much as possible. Once or twice a month is okay (if you really can’t avoid it), but anything more is too much.

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