Movies Which Can Help You Cope With Depression

Movies Which Can Help You Cope With Depression

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Depression can be isolating, but some movies will let you know that other people have gone through and survived the same thing. Better yet, there are that can help you through the process. If you are depressed, it is important not to feel alone. These movies have heroes that will remind you of the inner strength you didn’t even know was from you

Here are the Movies Which Can Help You Cope With Depression

– Inside Out (2015)

This one had to be the first in the list. The complexity of our emotions is broken down into simple factors by this movie, and as you watch it, you will particularly be invested in the characters of joy and sadness. Inside Out will help you understand that depression is not at all what you make it out to be and that to overcome it, you have to allow yourself to feel all your emotions, including sadness.

– Big Hero 6 (2014)

Have you lost a loved one recently and just don’t know what to feel but depression? Then this is the movie for you. The hero is only a boy, and after losing his older brother, he is devastated. The film takes you through the emotions that can happen after a huge loss; anger, sadness; but by the end, you will realize that you never truly lose the ones you love.

– Prozac Nation (2001)

The pressure of success can push you into depression. People struggle with triumph every day, and if you feel the same thing, then this movie will relate to you deeply. It will help you understand that it is okay to have everything and still feel like you have nothing.

– The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

This film is not just about a genius that broke his way out of the toughest prison of his time. The movie is about strength, endurance, and perseverance. It can take years for you to come to terms with your reality, but it is only after you do that you can find a way to be happy again.

– Life of Pi (2012)

Depression will make you feel like you are all alone in the middle of a big empty sea. Young Pi is only 16 years old when his perseverance and optimism are tested in the harshest ways possible, but he survives because rather than give up, he chose to submit to something that was bigger than himself.

– Girl Interrupted (1999)

You are not made up of your mistakes alone, and neither are you defined only by your successes. Your life is a collection of everything you have ever been through, and this movie will show you that it is possible to be incredibly flawed, and yet, still have good in you.

– Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Do you feel misunderstood? Do you have that deep desire to speak your mind, but you always feel like everything you say or do turns out to be destructive? People may not always understand depression, so they will judge those who are depressed. This movie will push you to find the power in what may seem to be bringing you down.

One of these movies, and so much more could hold the inspiration you have been looking for to push yourself out of depression.

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