Physical Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Physical Signs and Symptoms of Stress

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Physical Signs and Symptoms of StressPhysical Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Stress and rash go hand in hand unlike anything else. If you suffer from mild forms of anxiety, then your body is not likely to be affected as much. Those who experience chronic levels of stress, however, will experience Physical Signs and Symptoms of Stress like hives and rash. Physical manifestations of anxiety are just as, if not more uncomfortable than psychological effects.

Picture this: you are stuck in traffic on your first day at the office. You know you need that job and cannot afford to be another minute late. This is where the stress hormones come in. Your muscles tighten up; your breath quickens; your heart is racing…this is the natural response designed to protect you, both physically and mentally, from different life experiences. Stress is, in fact, necessary for your survival, but if your stress hormones keep coming in even when they don’t have to, then this condition can take a serious toll on your body.

Physical Signs and Symptoms of Stress

– Stress and Rash and Hives

This is the most common physical manifestation of stress. High anxiety levels can trigger hives which develop into a stress rash. Your skin will get very itchy and irritable, and although rashes and hives are not dangerous conditions, they can worsen if not handled properly.

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– Headaches

Tension headaches affect most adults in the United States. These pains will worsen as your anxiety levels increase.

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– Dizziness

A constant feeling of fatigue is a known stress indicator. For no apparent reason, you may feel like your muscles are being drained of their energy.

– Hot Flashes

When you are anxious, it is natural to feel a sudden wave of warmth pass through your body. These hot flashes are experienced most around the chest, neck, and facial areas.

– Chills

Instead of hot flashes, you may experience chills even when everyone else is okay. The chills, just like the hot flashes, will hit you in waves.

– Nausea and Vomiting

If you are extremely stressed, then you may feel like throwing up often. This is likely to affect your appetite, and in the worst cases, you will vomit even though you have not had much to eat.

– Sweating

Stress triggers sweat glands, and they, in turn, secrete more sweat. Those suffering from anxiety will, therefore, sweat more, even during the night.

– Frequent Urination

Stress can make you run to the bathroom every five minutes if it is not handled. Your bladder will seem to fill up very fast. This is very common is stress patients.

– Losing or Gaining Weight

It is possible to be so preoccupied with anxiety that you forget to eat. Sometimes, people turn to food for comfort. Stress can cause you to either lose or gain weight depending on your response.

Never underestimate what stress can do to your body. Chronic stress does more than give you Physical Signs and Symptoms of Stress like skin hives and rashes; the condition can affect kidney functioning and blood pressure levels. It is best to seek treatments as fast as possible, but if you can avoid medication, then do so.

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Always go for natural solutions to stress like relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. If you can, then stay away from the situation that stresses you out altogether.

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