4 Healthy Habits to Live Longer

4 Healthy Habits to Live Longer

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Would you wish to live up to a decade longer? A new study has revealed that it’s possible for men to live 12 years longer than the average life expectancy, and 14 years longer for women. You are perhaps thinking some rigid medication or something more life-changing would be needed to achieve this. Well, it turns out a combination of five lifestyle healthy habits can get you closer to that decade-long life.

A team of medical researchers has unveiled this life-changing study report. The study had an average of 78,865 female and 44,354 male participants whose data dates back to 1976. Over that period, they filled questionnaires seeking information such as dietary habits, body weight, smoking habits and physical activity levels.

The study established the following as the lifestyle factors that can aid in prolonging one’s life: a good diet, never smoking, minimal alcohol consumption and maintaining a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index).

4 Healthy Habits

Eat Healthily

What you put inside your body will determine how long you live and how healthy the life you lead. Make sure you stick to diets that will do more good than harm to your health.

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Can Healthy Habits Involve Smoking?

One might think that taking a cigarette a day would not be harmful. Or some 3 glasses of your favorite beer or wine. Surely, it can’t be that harmful as long as one ‘regulates’ themselves. Well, the study defined a low-risk smoking habit as never smoking at all. For those who completely don’t smoke, they might as well be on their way to living longer.

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How Much Alcohol Should You Consume?

On drinking alcohol, the study defined low-risk alcohol consumption as having no more than one glass of 150ml wine for women, and two glasses of wine for men each day. Or in scientific terms, 5 to 15 glasses per day for women and 5 to 30 glasses per day for men. A glass or two a day in maximum alcohol consumption may prove a bit tough for somebody who might be used to drinking several bottles while out. However, if one can follow that advice, it may help them health wise.

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Watch out for your BMI

Good diet and regular exercising will go a long way towards influencing the length of your life; keeping up your physical activity is the best way to maintain a healthy BMI.

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How valuable is Your Health to You?

A look at the budget spending on health for the US points out that this lifestyle factors might indeed be the solution to a healthy nation and not necessarily huge budget allocations on health. In 2014, the US allocated 17.1% of its GDP to health. Earning position one in health expenditure in the world. One would then expect that the country should also be ranked among the top in better mortality rates at birth. That’s not the case though. In 2015, the US was ranked 31st globally for mortality rates.

Your Lifestyle Choices Matter

The mismatch between the government spending on health and mortality might be attributed to two things. One is that the health budget is directed heavily on research rather than prevention. Lastly and more importantly, the lifestyle habits of US citizens might be contributing to high mortality deaths in lifestyle-related deaths. The premature deaths are largely attributed to cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

According to the study, observing all the 5 low-risk lifestyle factors and healthy habits may lead one to attain an extension on their lives by around 10 years.

A good diet, low alcohol consumption, smoking abstinence, a normal weight, and regular physical activity are some healthy lifestyle habits associated with a longer life. However, there is a challenge as a majority of the population are not able to stick to a healthy lifestyle, but if you have the personal drive to lead a healthier life, then you will find it easy to adopt these five habits.

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