8 Steps How to Overcome Frustrations

8 Steps How to Overcome Frustrations

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8 Steps How to Overcome Frustrations

Frustration comes in many forms. Unfortunately, you’ll find that even small things can get under your skin, especially when they pile up. How to overcome frustrations?

Tips on how to overcome frustrations

Examine the Frustration

First, you need to determine whether this is a common frustration or a symptom of something bigger. What’s going on? How are you reacting? If you’re finding yourself overreacting to the frustration, it might be that the stress you’re feeling doesn’t have to do with frustration at all. If that’s the case, you’ll want to address the bigger problem. However, you can easily manage small frustrations.


Know the Cause

Once you’ve determined what the frustration is, take some time to understand why the situation is frustrating to you. If you’re unsure, you might want to spend some time in thought, or even putting your words on paper to understand this better.


Ask Whether Your Frustration is Misplaced

If you think the cause of the frustration is you, ask yourself why that is. Your response will tell you a lot. If words like “stupid” or “lazy” come up, you’re likely responding to some trigger that has nothing to do with you. Not every frustration has a clear cause or solution. Sometimes things happen outside your control, and you need just to let them go.


Adjust your Timing

No one can deal with frustration when they’re tired, and energy is lagging. Take care of frustrations when you’re at peak energy and ability. For example, if you’re not a morning person, save frustrating tasks for the afternoon.


How to Overcome Frustrations  With the  Randomness Out of the Day

By putting yourself on a schedule or keeping a strict routine, there’s less room for surprises which might be frustrating. Keep the randomness out by creating a schedule including even the more mundane tasks in your day, such as brushing your teeth.


Ask if It’s Worth Fighting For

Frustration comes when you’re trying to control something out of your grasp. Ask yourself if this is a battle worth pursuing, or can you let this one go?


Practice Conscious Listening

A lot of frustrations come when we’re not communicating well with someone else. Slow down. Listen to what the other person is saying. Reiterate their position showing you’re clear on what they’re saying. Take time to think about your response, making sure you’re both clear on what you’re trying to say.


Find Release 

Frustration brings up adrenaline levels. Punch a pillow, work out, clean the house. Do something physical to release pent-up energy.


When you learn how to overcome frustrations, you’re free to become a calmer, happier person. Don’t let daily frustrations run you down. Stay calm and work on these tips, and you’ll soon see a change in how you’re able to deal with life and face the world.


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