Safeguard Your Oral Health With These Five Steps

Safeguard Your Oral Health With These Five Steps

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Safeguard Your Oral Health With These Five Steps

Your oral health is critical, and it is also one of the easiest parts of your health to care for. Unlike most areas of health, you can see your mouth, tongue, gums, and teeth. You can watch out for visual cues, and if that wasn’t enough, we are all hyper-aware of our mouth at all times. We use it for so many critical tasks throughout the day you will be able to know the second an issue arises.

Of course, waiting until a problem is similar to putting out fires, with your best bet being to prevent those fires in the first place. With these five steps, you’ll master the art of preventative care, and even have a more beautiful smile to call your own.

Safeguard Your Oral Health With These Five Steps

1.   Brush, Floss, and Rinse

Brush, Floss, and Rinse

To keep your mouth healthy and to keep the bacteria that is naturally found in your mouth in check, the best thing that you can do is to brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash regularly. Twice a day should be the minimum. To really care for your teeth, you will want to do this after every meal, though, as this is unlikely for most of us, a regular morning and bedtime routine should be your goal.

Pay particular attention to flossing, as this is what really works to remove the buildup of plaque that can cause several oral diseases, like gum disease.


2.   Change Your Tooth Brush Once Every Three Months

Change Your Tooth Brush Once Every Three Months

Change your toothbrush or toothbrush head once every three months. Bacteria can build up on these brushes over time, and so for the sake of your oral health and the effectiveness of that brush, you should aim to replace it four times a year, at least.

In the meantime, you will want to remember to store your toothbrush correctly. This means away from the toilet and in an upright position. This way, you avoid fecal particles falling on your brush and allow water and bacteria to drip down as the water dries between cleanings.


3.   Avoid Oral-Destroying Foods & Keep Your Oral Health

Avoid Oral-Destroying Foods

Foods high in sugar and acid are terrible for the teeth and will work to build up the bacteria in your mouth as well as wear down the natural defenses found in your mouth. Regular soft drinks, such as Pepsi or Coca-Cola, will wear down your enamel substantially. However, if you are going to drink them, then, ideally, you should use a straw to prevent enamel wear and tear on your front teeth, as this can stain your smile for good.


4.   Visit the Dentist Bi-Yearly

Visit the Dentist Bi-Yearly

Most dental insurance covers cleanings twice every year at family practices like, which is what dentists recommend to keep your teeth clean and healthy. It isn’t the cleanings that are important; it’s the check-up that is done during the cleaning. If there are any issues that you haven’t noticed yet, they will, and they can book an appointment for you to get the issue fixed ASAP.


5.   Visit the Dentist When Issues Arise

Visit the Dentist When Issues Arise

If you chip your tooth or feel a sudden and persistent pain in your tooth, don’t dawdle. Immediately book an appointment with your dentist or with an emergency clinic to get the issue fixed before more serious problems can arise.

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Safeguard Your Oral Health With These Five Steps


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