Guide to Teaching Kids Time Management; it is just as hard for them.

Guide to Teaching Kids Time Management; it is just as hard for them.

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Someone once told me that kids are like young drunk people, and looking at this claim closely; I have come to realize that no more exact words have ever been spoken. Teaching kids time management will pay off, and it will be especially beneficial to you, but it is not an easy task to get done.

I will tell you this though; it is simple. It is not easy, but it is simple.

Kids don’t always mean to disobey their parents, and when you give them a task, and they fail to do it, you only need to help them learn because after all, they are kids.

Teaching Kids Time Management; the Number one life skill

You need to remember that patience is the key to teaching kids how to get stuff done. Time management is a life skill and a pretty complex one at that. Some adults have not yet mastered it, and expecting kids to be experts on the first try is not reasonable.

Through this guide, I will outline some steps to help you teach your kids how to manage time, but you have to remember that they are learning and growing still, so expect a lot of resistance and disobedience.

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Telling Time

Apart from growing their math skills, teaching kids to tell time will help them manage that time well.

They need to know when to start their chores and when to finish them. Telling time will help them know where to be and what to do at that particular time when going about a task assigned to you.

Introducing Routine

Teaching kids time management is all about getting them to follow a routine, and while it might seem
boring to you as an adult, routines greatly help with time management.

Having a predictable set of events following each other will give the child a sense of safety and stability, and as they associate time management with routine, they will grow accustomed to the behavior.

You can start with a bedtime routine where they change into their pajamas, brush their teeth, listen to a bedtime story, and then go off to sleep. In time, a sense of independence will develop in the kids, and they will be able to take up the routine even without adult supervision.

Is there any fun in it?

You are lucky to have had children in this day and age; you can make anything fun by turning it into a game. Using technology creatively and sparingly is a good way to go. In teaching kids time management, you have to make sure that they are at least interested in the subject, so burry your true intentions beneath games and small-time rewards until the students become the masters of time.

Have Reasonable Expectations

As I mentioned earlier, you need to be patient and encourage them to keep going even though it might be hard for them at first. Kids learn fast, but just because they do does not mean that you should rush them into something they are not ready for. Don’t be too hard on them if they fail to grasp the concept after the first week.

Practice what you preach

Teaching your kids how to keep a schedule means that you have to keep one yourself. Show them by example what it means to be a good time manager and get your tasks done on time. They will earn better if they have a real-life example to model their behavior after.

Flexibility is Key

Routines have their purpose but don’t teach your kids to be robots. Inspire a sense of creativity in them and let them know that it is okay to make mistakes. Not every task has to be accomplished in a day, and as long as you can see they tried, then reward them or their effort and encourage them to keep working at it tomorrow.

Teaching kids time management takes time and consistency. You have to enforce its essential without making it seem like it is the only thing they should be doing. Buy each of them a wristwatch and regularly ask them to tell you the time. Enforce the behavior in the little things and let them be in control once in a while; it is the best way to learn.

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