Eat your Way out: Choosing the Right Foods for Anxiety Relief

Eat your Way out: Choosing the Right Foods for Anxiety Relief

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Diet is the number one way that most essentials get into the body, and feeding your body is equal to feeding your mind. There are a lot of anxiety relief medications, but it all comes down to the food you eat; so simple.

Don’t get me wrong, being mindful of your food sounds simple, but in practice, it will take discipline and a lot of self-control to not reach for a piece of pie and just feed your anxiety with it.

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet equals an adequate supply of brain chemicals. Offsetting neurotransmitters can cause imbalances in stress hormones that manifest as anxiety. Let’s put it simply; when you consume sugars and other processed foods, the brain will produce chemicals that trigger anxiety.

In such cases, a sugar rush could be a panic attack in disguise. The brain has a direct connection to your gut, so whatever you consume can directly affect how you feel.

Check the Sugar Content Again

Working anxiety relief is minimizing sweets and dessert, but sugar has a particular way of finding its way back into your diet. Tomato sauce contains added sugar, and although this is something that would be at the back of your mind, you would never think to look for it.

Don’t drink mango juice; go for the fruit and skip the extra sugar.

Carbs that Promote Anxiety Relief

As an anxiety relief, eat complex carbs (sweet potatoes, oatmeal). You want to have a constant supply of blood sugar, and eating carbs that break down slower will not only make you calmer but also keep you fuller for longer.

It is not about Taste Anymore

When it comes to treating anxiety, pay attention to the nutrients in your food; consume foods rich in zinc, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins that help with depression. Eat avocados for vitamin B and whole grains of magnesium. Diversify your diet, but don’t skip the importance of the nutrients in it.

You also need to eat constantly. Don’t skip meals; you need constant blood sugar levels so as not to feel hypoglycemic- a condition that quickly triggers anxiety.

Take it easy on the alcohol

Alcohol withdrawal can affect the body similar to anxiety, so limit its consumption. Alcohol also contains carbs and added sugars that can dampen your mood and trigger your anxiety.

Consuming large amounts of liquor will cause you to have small periods of withdrawal the next day that will present themselves much anxiety would.

You want an easy anxiety relief; stay away from alcohol until you know you are well enough to handle it in your system, and even then, still drink moderately.

Anxiety is a common condition among adults in America. The condition affects millions in the country, and while most of them choose to go for store-bought drugs, there is a simpler way to beat the condition, and all you have to do is watch what you eat.

You need to drive your anxiety away; sticking to a poor diet will only serve to keep the condition close.

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