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I believe that we all need to take care of our health and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the full range of healing resources available to us. Most importantly, I urge everyone to be an active participant in his or her health and well being in a truly integrative way.

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What Is Defensive Nutrition?

Defensive nutrition
Healthy Food Healthy Lifestyle
How is your diet these days? Do your meals center around the purpose of sustainment or the feeling of satisfaction? Are your meal plans focused on weight loss ...
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Natural Ways For Quitting Smoking

Natural Ways To Quit Smoking
Healthy Lifestyle
By  Jenn Samson Contributing Author, a passionate  freelance writer, and editor Quitting smoking delivers both immediate and long term health benefits; within 12 hours, the carbon monoxide levels in ...
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What is Autogenic Training?

Autogenic Training
Healthy Lifestyle Self Improvement
Self-care and self-regulation are vital components of achieving and sustaining relaxation. Stress can be a worthy adversary. When the flow of your life is disrupted it can be ...
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What is Affirmative Prayer?

affirmative prayer
Self Improvement
Prayer is one of the major foundations of spirituality. No matter what your religious affiliation is, spending time with your higher being is an integral part of strengthening ...
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Getting Started With Medicinal Herbs 

Healthy Lifestyle Home Remedies
Medicinal Herbs are a great way to naturally improve your health. Many doctors and scientists are skeptical of the benefits of some medicinal herbs, and other medicinal herbs ...
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5 Things That Persuasive People Do

Persuasive People
Healthy Lifestyle
Ever wonder why some people are more persuasive than others? What gives them this ability? Is it their charisma, their strong communication skills, or their self-confidence? The truth ...
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Male Enhancement Pills for Your Best Performance Ever!

Male Enhancement Pills for Your Best Performance Ever!
Health and Beauty products Healthy Lifestyle
Do you wish to enhance your sexual performance? For a harder and firmer sexual boost, the MaleExtra is an ideal male enhancement that will suit you accordingly. The ...
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Collagen Cream – The Next Generation Of Skincare

Collagen Cream - The Next Generation Of Skincare
Beauty Health and Beauty products
Collagen cream in recent years became popular in the world of skin care products What is collagen? Collagen is present in the bones, skin, muscles, and tendons. It ...
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Live Healthily With Bauer Nutrition Products

Live Healthily With Bauer Nutrition Products
Beauty Health and Beauty products Healthy Lifestyle How to
Ask yourself;  What do you need to change to improve in your life and live more healthily? You could; 1) Lose some weight 2) Start with the self-care ...
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How to Change Your life and Live Your Dream

change your life
Healthy Lifestyle How to Self Improvement
Sometimes, making changes that you want to see in your life feel nearly impossible. It takes a willingness to step outside your comfort zone to make significant changes ...
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