How Redefining Your Space Can Improve Mental Health

How Redefining Your Space Can Improve Mental Health

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Everyone has individual preferences when it comes to their personal space and where they live. It is a well-established fact that poor mental health can be directly linked to an overcrowded, disorganized, and dilapidated home. Therefore, it is possible to improve your mental health by upgrading your surroundings. This post explores the ways that you can boost your mental health by tailoring your environment towards a better mindset.

Break the Process Down into Small Steps

Making a small change in your surroundings counts for more than you realize. This process is not meant to be overwhelming, so if it is increasing your anxiety as opposed to decreasing it, then it is time to think small. Organizing tasks into bitesize chunks can make the goal more achievable. One example would be to start by decluttering one room, or even one set of drawers. A messy space makes it hard to focus and stay present, so decluttering is a great way to rectify this. You could make it even smaller by setting yourself household chores such as finishing the washing up or changing the bin bag. Everything counts, and the minuscule jobs can hold as much value in their completion as the grand gestures.

Colour Choice Is Key

Whether you are nimble with a paint roller or you can’t edge a wall to save your life, with the right color, it won’t matter. Picking the right color can significantly increase mood functions and brain activity. For example, yellow is the color most widely associated with happiness, and green hues are associated with calm. Consider putting these into your sleeping area or common area, such as a living room, and see how it makes you feel. This doesn’t have to just be a painted wall; it can be décor as well.

Create Separate Zones For Work and Leisure

If you have to switch between work and leisure in the same space, it is a good idea to create separate areas for the two things. Doing so can enable your mind to focus on what is at hand in place of becoming distracted and disinterested. Work should be work and recreation should be fun and relaxing. A workspace does not have to take up a whole room, so don’t worry if you are lacking in space to play with. Even one corner can be transformed with the right idea. If you need extra sockets or new light, visit a wholesale electrical shop to pick up everything you need.

DIY does not require specialist skills in all areas, there are plenty of things you can do by learning as you go along. A new light fitting can transform any room or area, but it is a good idea to use the right tool for the job.


Changing your space can be an easy and fun adventure. If you are prone to overthinking and becoming easily overwhelmed, start small and think big. Improving your surroundings does not have to cost a lot of money, and even just starting the process can do wonders for combatting persistent, negative energy and feelings.

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