Beauty Trends around the Globe

Beauty Trends around the Globe

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Beauty Trends

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One of the fastest growing industries must be precisely the beauty industry, with countless trends popping up daily. From self-tanning trend in Ireland, to 3D lashes in Russia, breast augmentation in Australia, and to gel nails in the UK, every part of the world worships a certain beauty trend more than the others. If you’re in search of new beauty trends, check out what different parts of globe have to recommend.

Beauty Trends around the Globe

Effortless beauty in France

Effortless beauty in France
Effortless beauty in France

Au naturale beauty is what all French women are striving for. The less effort the better is their main moto. This is precisely why you’ll see women walking around the streets in Paris with minimal amounts of makeup and air dried hair. This trend is considered quite refreshing in the times of obsessive contouring, strobing, and various other makeup techniques, and French women are doing their best to find the happiness in their own features and take care of their beauty from the inside.

Hair smoothing in Brazil

Hair smoothing in BrazilAccording to Brazilians, the best cure for frizzy, challenging hair is a Brazilian hair smoothing treatment.  A trained stylist will make sure your hair is healthy and rich in luscious curls after only one treatment. Split ends and uncontrolled locks are ancient history now, because after less than a two hours long treatment you can get that beautiful shiny smooth hair you’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic procedures in Australia

Cosmetic procedures in AustraliaThe Land Down Under worships several beauty trends, but one has managed to stand out. Namely, the popularity of cosmetic surgery skyrocketed in the recent years, and one of the most popular procedures is by far breast augmentation. Australian women undergo breast enlargement in Sydney and other cities not only to improve their physical appearance but to boost their self-esteem as well.

Gel nails in the United Kingdom

Gel nails in the United KingdomNothing beats a pair of nicely manicured hands, when it comes to looking neat and tidy. Chipped nail polish looks highly unattractive and the English women know it. That’s why beauty salons in London are booked with gel nail polish appointments day in day out. So, if you’re looking for a great middle ground between fresh manicured nails and the long lasting quality of acrylic nails, gel nail polish is your go-to choice. With this type of manicure, you won’t experience any chipping or breakage for about two or three weeks.

White henna in the United Arab Emirates

White henna in the United Arab EmiratesHenna is a stunning form of body art, so it is no wonder that white henna caught on as a popular beauty trend in the UAE. Traditionally, henna is a dark pigment used for temporary tattoos featuring remarkable designs and patterns. The white henna looks a lot like lace, which adds a certain dose of sophistication. That’s precisely one of the reasons white henna is used as an extra embellishment for everyday wear on feet and hands, but various other parts of the body, too.

Snail facials in Thailand

Snail facials in ThailandFacial treatments are becoming more popular, but more eccentric by the day, too. Snail facial is precisely one of the more recent groundbreaking trends that’s incredibly popular in Thailand. During the treatment, a person’s face is covered with snails, letting them move around the face. The snail slime apparently tightens and rejuvenates the skin on the face, which is why the treatment is so popular. If you are ever decide to visit Thailand, make sure you put a snail facial on your to-do list, and try out this unique and natural wrinkle remedy.

From hair smoothening in Brazil, to breast enlargement in Sydney and snail facials in Thailand, we’ve seen some remarkable beauty trends around the world, and there are so many more that various other countries offer. If you’re looking for a bit of innovation in your beauty routine, feel free to try out some of the aforementioned trends and see if it’s the next best thing for you.


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