Apply These 16 Secret Tips To Have Beautiful Nails

Apply These 16 Secret Tips To Have Beautiful Nails

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Beautiful nails

Every woman wants to have beautiful nails. Regular care is all it takes to have strong and healthy nails. Practice these 16 tips, and you may have beautiful nails.

Tips For Beautiful Nails

1. Don’t file your nails into the corners because this will weaken the nails. Keep them slightly square or oval to prevent them from breaking. File gently from the side to the center of the nail in one long stroke. The best length of the beautiful nail is just over the fingertip.

2. To prevent flaking and splitting, smooth them every day with conditioning cream. Always apply hand cream after washing your hands to seal moisture into your nails.

3. To keep cuticles and nails hydrated use a mix of almond and avocado oil.

4. Never cut the cuticles because this can lead to infection. Instead, try to soften them by soaking the nails in warm soapy water. After that, use a cuticle in order to soften your nails. Use this natural honey’s softener regularly by massaging the cuticles and leave it for a few minutes. This will eliminate bacteria around your nails. To prepare it you need one lemon, one teaspoon honey, and one teaspoon almond oil.

Squeeze the lemon in a small bowl. Add the honey and almond oil. Whisk the ingredients until they are thoroughly blended. Then dip each finger into the softener for a few seconds. Gently scrub away the flakes of dead skin using a cuticle tool. Massage the softener into the nails until it’s absorbed.

5. Use conditioning nail polish removers instead of acetone nail polish remover in order to keep the moisture on the nails and prevent them from breaking.

6. Wear latex gloves when washing dishes to protect your nails. Too much exposure to water can make the nails weak and that can cause nails to be damaged very easily.

7. Buff the nails once a week. Otherwise, they will weaken.

8. If you are planning to do some dirty job, you will have to drag your nails over a bar of soap. In a time, your nails will be filled with soap. That will clean the dirt away.

9. Your nail is weakest immediately after a bath. Don’t manicure them immediately after the bath. That way you can prevent nail splitting.

10. Give them extra strength by painting your base coat and polish them under the tip.

11. If you want the polish to last longer, you will have to place your nail in a small bowl of vinegar before coloring them.

12. If you don’t have enough time to let your nail dry after polishing, put them in a bowl with cold water with several ice cubes.

13. Take care of nail tools. Wash metal tools with soap and water. After that wipe them with rubbing alcohol to keep them free of any kind of infection.

14. If you want your nails to grow healthy and vigorous, consume vitamin A and eat more fruit and vegetables. Eat protein-rich foods like beans, fish, and nuts too.

15. Do not bite them. Saliva makes them easily broken.

16. Don’t use them as a tool to remove floor stains, to open jars, or to clean cracks.

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  1. Great tips on having better nails! I am always looking for tips and tricks to have beautiful hands. My hands are always so dry and my nails are too, thanks for the great post!

    1. I’m glad you liked our tips

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