Best Fresh Juices Which May Have Special Therapeutic Effects

Best Fresh Juices Which May Have Special Therapeutic Effects

Best Fresh JuicesBest Fresh Juices

Fresh Juices are now more popular than ever

Best Fresh Juices promotes general health, boost immunity and prevent or contribute to healing many diseases. Drinking fresh juices help the body absorb all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables. It also allows people to eat a larger portion of very healthy food than they might in the normal diet.
Commercially processed juices don’t have the same nutritional value. That’s why the juice must be prepared fresh, from raw fruits and vegetables.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, The  Juice is forbidden to infants younger than six months. After that, they should drink no more than 4 ounces a day in a cup, not a bottle. Don’t give juice to your baby at bedtime. For a child between 1 and six years, it’s recommended to drink from 8 to 12 ounces daily.

These Best Fresh Juices have special therapeutic effects, some of which have been validated by medical studies.

Results may vary from person to person. What works for some people, does not work for others.


Best fresh juices Which May Have Special Therapeutic Effects

1. Celery and lemon juice  for weight loss

The juice of fresh celery is considered an excellent diuretic, due to a significant amount of potassium and sodium. The lemon was already recognized as a fighter with excess weight. That is why a celery and lemons are used and are recommended for weight loss.

2. Juice for boost immunity and increase iron in your body

You may increase the iron in your body with this natural juice. Blend an apple with an equal amount of carrot and beetroot. Drink this juice every day to increase your red blood cells and hemoglobin. Your urine might be red because of beetroot. If that happens, don’t worry because it is completely normal.


3.Juice for prevention of cardiovascular disease

Tomato juice and other tomato products may help prevent heart disease.

4. Juice for prevention urinary tract infections

Cranberry juice is helpful in preventing and in treating urinary tract infections.

5. To clean the kidneys and bladder, you can use the following  juices

1.Juice:  Squeeze one lemon and mix it with a cup of boiling water. Drink 6-12 cups daily.

2. Juice: Mix three dl of carrot juice, one dl of beetroot juice and one dl cucumber juice.

3. Juice: Mix three dl carrot juice and 1.8 dl spinach juice.
Note: Drink at least a liter and a half daily.

6. Carrot juice benefits for cancer

According to Ann Cameron carrots can cure cancer rapidly without chemotherapy, radiation or other dietary changes. She healed her Stage 4 cancer only with carrot juice. She drank 5 pounds of carrot juice daily.

 7. Juice for improving digestion

Juice from lemongrass, lemon, ginger, watermelon and cucumber may improve digestion.

This juice should be used on an empty stomach in the morning.

One stick lemongrass
Two large lemons, peeled
1-inch fresh ginger
2 cups watermelon cubes
Two large cucumbers,

Mix all ingredients in the juicer. Add 250g water. Stir the liquid and serve.

8. Juice against depression

Mix in blender two apples, one orange, one lemon and ten celery stalks. Add 200 grams water and blend for 1 minute. Stir the liquid using a spoon to squeeze out the juice. Drink 2-3 juices daily.

9. Juice for slowing the growth of prostate cancer, against coronary disease, and for help combat erectile dysfunction

Pomegranate juice can prevent or slow the growth of prostate cancer. Also drinking 250 ml pomegranate juice daily can improve oxygen supply to the heart muscle, aiding these with coronary disease. For a longer period, this juice may also help people who have erectile dysfunction.

In the end, we can conclude that almost any fruit or vegetables may be juiced. Drinking more juices can prevent or contribute to healing many diseases.


Best Fresh Juices Which May Have Special Therapeutic Effects

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