Breakthrough Tips: For The Flawless Selfie

Breakthrough Tips: For The Flawless Selfie

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Have you ever wondered how to take the perfect selfie? Perhaps you’ve wondered how some social media influencers achieve such a professional image when taking “selfie’s” in this day and age? Here is a secret, most people who take selfie have a predisposed system to strategically attain the best selfie they can get. They do this by knowing their best side, knowing their best angles, taking the lighting into consideration, as well as many other variables. Within this composition, I will share with you multiple tips and fail-proof methods of taking the best selfie’s possible, and how to keep these things in mind for the best selfie every time.

Proper Background

What do you want people to feel when they view your selfie? The background is an important part of a great selfie, and it can turn a candid into a masterpiece. Pictures taken outdoors can provide the best natural lighting, picking the correct time of day to harvest the natural lighting for your picture is crucial if that lighting style is what you intend on using in your selfie. The best time to use outdoor lighting is usually around 8 am to 6 pm. This is a broad time frame but it all depends on the weather the day you take the selfie and the time the sun rises and sets in your region. Certain backgrounds add an element of seriousness or lack thereof to your selfies as well. I mean who doesn’t like a good story am I right? It was once said that a picture tells a thousand words, so make sure your background is composed of the theme you want to be displayed in your selfie. When you take the time out to choose a well thought out background people take notice and pay attention.


Have you ever thought about the angle you take your pictures from? These angles matter, especially if you feel like you aren’t sure what your best look is or aren’t comfortable enough with yourself yet to decide what your best angle is. Some angles you may want to try are 90,180, and 200-degree angles. These pictures are taken just how they sound.

For the 90-degree angle picture put your elbow next to your ribcage and allow your hand to rise up 90 degrees with the phone in hand, at this angle you will capture more of a jawline photo. This is great if you happen to have problems with blackheads and adult acne. With just small movements and working with the right angles, you can make any picture achieve your desired result. For the 180-degree angle, you will need to place your phone directly in front of your face with your elbow making a v shape, this will produce the more widely known portrait selfie effect.

Proper Makeup

For both males and females makeup is a viable option when taking selfies. Some good concealer can even your tone and even makeup for lack of lighting in your scenario. Makeup is not necessary but it is just an added extra that can help you find what you’re are looking for when taking a selfie. Make sure that your makeup isn’t off balance, meaning one side of your face looks different than the other unless that’s the effect you are going for of course.

Camera Type

Another important element of the selfie is what type of camera you are using. Most people use their mobile phones to take selfies. Apple brand products usually have one of the highest quality cameras along with light capturing ability. Samsung is also known for its high-quality picture capturing. There are plenty of more android based mobile phones that are known for their high-quality picture but I will refrain naming them all due to the fact they are all basically good enough to get the job done if you implement all of the techniques, I named above you can’t go wrong with any of these phones. Now, on the other hand, some people prefer to take selfies with actual cameras made for photography such as DSLR’s, if you happen to be one of these people then more power and picture quality to you my friend! Taking pictures with a high-quality photography camera will almost always guarantee excellent quality. These cameras will also give you lots of room to work with if you like to edit pictures using certain software to adjust the lighting and add effects as well.

 Who are you showing?

Who you’re showing your selfies to is very important as well. If you are taking pictures for a large fanbase you may want to consider the extra steps mentioned as far as buying high-quality equipment and taking multiple precautions when choosing angles to use, other than that you will have no problems as long as you follow these selfie guidelines.

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