How I Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Without Drugs

How I Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Without Drugs

erectile dysfunction.

My first encounter with erectile dysfunction

It was a nice and warm early summer evening in NYC. I was on my way over to the girl I had been going out with for the last few weeks. She lived in Brooklyn. 

She opened the door and pulled me inside by my t-shirt. We started kissing. And not long after, we were on her bed. Clothes were flying off.

It was about to happen.

She grabbed me downstairs.

But I was limp! 

I looked down, and I was dumbfounded..!

She tried every trick in the book, but I simply couldn’t ‘get it up.’

This is how it all started.

I was 26 and had my first encounter with erectile dysfunction.

At the time, I thought it was just a one-time event. But it kept on happening. Again and again.

I was struggling with severe erectile dysfunction

As a young man, this wasn’t easy to deal with. I had always been athletic, healthy, and never had any problem with my body. This was new. 

I hated not functioning sexually. To have a body that didn’t work properly was a big hit to my confidence and self-esteem.

I felt like a man with a big handicap.

But it just didn’t make any sense to me that I should have to deal with this. I was only 26. I lived a normal life, was healthy, didn’t smoke, hardly drank alcohol, and had no other health problems.

Why did this happen to me?

why me

Because it didn’t make any sense, I thought that there had to be a quick fix. There had to be a solution to this.

I jumped online and started searching. One of the first articles I found was about an herb called Ginkgo Biloba. It came with glowing recommendations. The article promised that this would cure my ED. I believed every word and bought a bottle.

But when I tried it, there was no effect. Even after I had tried it several times, I noticed zero improvements. Zip. Nada.

But I didn’t give up.

At this point, I wanted to educate myself. I wanted to understand what erectile dysfunction was and why it happened fully. Because if I could understand this, I thought that I might be able to find the solution.

So I started reading every article and post I could find online. I spent hours and hours in online discussion forums about ED. I bought books. I spoke to doctors. And I had my testosterone level checked.

Then I started experimenting with anything I thought could have a positive impact. 

I experimented with new herbal remedies, tried different diets and different exercises. I tried a little of this and a little of that. But I wasn’t systematic, nor did I keep a record of what I experimented with.

The sad truth is that I had no luck finding anything that worked. My ED persisted.

After about 3 years with erectile dysfunction, I was desperate to function sexually. Therefore, I decided to try a pharmaceutical drug.

And oh my goddess, it worked wonders! I was again able to have sex, and I felt tremendously relieved.

However, I wouldn’t say I liked the side effects. Normally my face went super red as if I were super sunburned. My nose also normally went runny, I often got a headache, and sometimes my vision got distorted.

But at least I was able to have sex.

Until the day, the drugs stopped working.

After using the medications for some time, I had to increase the dosage to get the same effect. 

Then, the higher dose effects tapered off, and I had to increase the dose even further.

As I increased the dosage, the side effects got worse and worse.

And in the end, even the highest recommended dose didn’t work for me.

My body had seemingly built a tolerance to the medications.

For me, this was the wakeup call. 

How I Overcame ED Without Drugs

I needed to get off the drugs. I needed to fix myself from the ground up. I really wanted to recover my health and find a sustainable solution.

So I went back to the drawing board. It was time to dust off my old efforts and try to solve my problem once and for all.

This time I decided to be painstakingly meticulous. Thorough. I was going to test everything, and I would keep a record of everything I did.

So this is what I did. 

After hours and hours of research, I made a list of everything that could cause ED. The list included items such as a poor diet, herbal remedies, meditation, stress, etc.

And then I started experimenting with each one of them, one by one. And I made sure I tried everything for long enough for it to affect me.

For instance, I experimented with diets. I was vegan for 4 months, then vegetarian for several months. I tried going back to my old western diet. After this experimentation, I found a diet that worked for me, that gave me lots of energy, and that gave my sexual functions a lift.

I then maintained this diet as I moved to the next item on the list to experiment with.

I did the same with my sleep routine. Changed sleeping conditions, the time I went to bed, darkness, and silence where I slept, etc.

When I found a sleep pattern that I was happy with, I maintained this sleep routine (and the diet) and moved to the next thing on my list.

And so on and so on..

And as I continued experimenting and improving my lifestyle, I started seeing noticeable improvements in my sexual health. My nocturnal erections came back to life. My sex drive woke up.

And also, my overall health improved significantly.

In the end, I was able to have normal sex again. I was able to ‘get it up’ and ‘keep it up.’

erectile dysfunction1

The bad news is that all of this took me a whole decade to figure out. 

But the good news is that I found a solution. I found a natural solution to my ED. As well as to my non-existing libido.

And the solution seems to be a permanent one because it has now been more than 5 years, and during these 5 years, I have functioned sexually almost as I did at my peak.

My confidence is back, self-esteem has returned, and I am happier than I can ever remember.

There is one thing I really want to mention:

The solution I found is really super simple. And in my experience, the solution works for most men whose ED is a result of lifestyle problems.

Because of this, I have created the website to share my story, explain the solution in detail, and try to help as many men as possible overcome their erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently.  

My takeaway is that only by living super healthy by listening to my body and mind. By giving myself what I need to function optimally, I can also function optimally sexually.

But not only this, but this lifestyle has probably also significantly reduced my biological age.

And it has made me happier. 

And now, I want to help other men who struggle with the same problems that I had.

Therefore, I have taken my knowledge from more than 10 years of fighting ED and compressed it into a 10-day online course.

It is a step-by-step course that aims at helping you overcome erectile dysfunction and libido problems in 10 days.

You can see how I overcome erectile dysfunction 

If you want to learn about the course, you find it here.

Johnathan started suffering from erectile dysfunction when he was 26.  It has been more than 4 years since he found a solution and overcame his ED with natural remedies. Johnathan Pieters Cumberwell is the founder and creator of Truelibido where he explains the solution in detail and tries to help as many men as possible overcome their erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently

erectile dysfunction


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