Follow The Expert Tips For Cleaning Your Couch Covers

Follow The Expert Tips For Cleaning Your Couch Covers

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Couch Covers

The first thing that you should know when it comes to taking care of your couch covers is that not all covers are washable in a washing machine. Therefore, you will first need to read the label for the cleaning and washing instructions such as:

  • Most of the covers made from linen should be dry washed only.
  • A few other fabrics can be washed in a washing machine and must be air-dried at low temperatures.

If a slipcover is made from multiple fabrics such as welt and says that it is machine washable, you must first try out an inconspicuous area before washing it thoroughly. If the colors bleed onto each other, consider it to be a non-washable fabric. The best way to clean it is to give it to a dry cleaner or a reliable upholstery cleaning company with the fabric code.

If the cover is washable and you want to do it yourself, this is the process to follow:

  • Take it off carefully staring from one arm, then the back and then the other arm
  • Take it outside and shake off the loose dirt and crumbs
  • Treat the stains with gentle cleaning solutions that do not contain any chlorine or oxygen bleach
  • Rune the washing machine through the empty cycle
  • Load up the washing machine but do not overload it even if it needs splitting your entire load
  • Wash the covers using a gentle cycle and using mild detergent and cold water and
  • Take out immediately after the cycle to prevent crease marks.

Air-dry the couch covers for best results almost entirely and iron the hem before putting them on the couch.

Care for the fabric

Different types of fabric will need different types of care. Here is the list of some of the most popular fabrics:

  • Cotton – It needs to be washed in cold water in gentle cycles, dry them, and put them on while still damp.
  • Polyester – It also needs cleaning in gentle cycles and rip dry them in the shade. It requires no ironing as it does not wrinkle easily, like cotton fabric.
  • Linen – If you have 30% linen and 70% cotton blend, it can be washed in the machine using a regular cycle and cold water, but if it is stain-resistant fabric, it will ask for dry cleaning. It should be drip-dried and put on while still damp, even after ironing.
  • Velvet – All synthetic velvet fabric cannot be washed in a machine. Hand-wash them using pieces of soap flakes and cold water. Drip dry and do not iron them. Brush it using a clothes brush in one direction to give a uniform look.

You will also get microfiber that needs vacuuming before machine washing in a gentle cycle. It should be air-dried and brushed with a clothes brush in one direction.

The last words

For safe cleaning, remove all dirt, cushions, and pillows. Check for debris between them and clean them first using a vacuum cleaner. Always follow the information and guidance of the manufacturer before you put them in your washing machine.

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Follow The Expert Tips For Cleaning Your Couch Covers







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