How Compression Socks Can Improve Your Running, Fitness Exercises

How Compression Socks Can Improve Your Running, Fitness Exercises

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Compression Socks

Many runners and fitness enthusiasts wear compression socks to increase their endurance during a run or workout. These socks are designed to help with blood flow and circulation in the calves and legs.

Your search for the best compression socks needs to include the ones that are tight, but not so tight they are painful. It is okay if the fabric leaves an indentation on your legs, but there should be no pain involved with these types of socks.


When to Wear Compression Socks

 Many runners will wear their compression socks during their run. They believe the circulation helps them to run longer and better. This could be true for some runners, but not all.

Some runners complain that these special socks make their legs and body too hot while running. Others think they are painful. This is why it is important to experiment and determine when the best time to wear the compression sock is going to be for you.

Older adults will wear compression socks to help their circulation when they are going to be sitting for a long time. Individuals of all ages will wear these socks on airplanes as they cannot get up and move about as much as if they were at home.


Wearing Compression Socks After a Run

Some individuals like to shower and don the socks after their run or workout. This gives their legs and calves the needed help to keep the blood flowing and avoid cramping. This may just be what the doctor ordered for a post-workout routine.

How to Choose the Right Size

 The best way to purchase a pair of compression socks is to try them on, although that is not always possible. These socks are constructed the same way as traditional socks, only they are created with a different type of thread, one that doesn’t have as much “give” as a regular sock.

You should purchase compression socks in the same size as your regular socks. If you wear a large, then purchase a large. It will fit snugly, and you will not feel pain or be in any discomfort. Do not purchase a sock a size bigger or smaller than your everyday footwear. This will lead to pain, and that is not the goal of these special socks.


Those Who Should Not Wear Compression Socks

Individuals with vascular diseases should not wear compression socks. They should check with their doctor about what they can and cannot wear to help their circulation. However, those who have general fatigue, some neuropathy and other forms of leg circulation problems are ideal candidates for compression stockings. They will help with the blood flow inside the legs and allow a person to feel better as well as walk without cramping and pain.

Compression socks are also used when someone is in the hospital and not able to get up and walk around as much as the average person. Or for those confined to a wheelchair or hospice care. Leg circulation is important, and compression socks are a helpful clothing addition to enhance the blood flow to the lower extremities.

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