Keeping Your Eyes Peeled: 5 Signs Your Teen May Be Abusing Drugs

Keeping Your Eyes Peeled: 5 Signs Your Teen May Be Abusing Drugs

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Studies have shown that a lack of parental involvement can be a risk factor for drug addiction. Parents need to make sure they are aware of what their children are doing. This could enable them to get help for their child before drug abuse turns into an addiction. The following are five signs that a teen might be abusing drugs. Parents who notice any of these signs will want to talk to their child and look into treatment options before the abuse or addiction progresses further.

Drastic Changes in Behavior

 A drastic change in behavior, such as suddenly disrespecting family rules, losing interest in family activities, or withdrawing from responsibilities, could indicate drug use. Parents who notice an otherwise well-behaved child becoming everything but may want to consider they’re using drugs. Sudden changes in behavior can also include constant excuses for how they’re behaving, spending more time alone, and refusing to say where they’re going. If drug use is noticed because of these signs, it could mean they need intense drug addiction therapy.

Changes at School

 Changes at school can also indicate that a teen might be starting to use drugs. Teens who use drugs typically experience a sudden drop in grades. They might lose interest in learning, start sleeping during their classes, or refuse to do their homework. They may also have a reduced attention span or start forgetting to tell their parents when there are any teacher meetings or other important events.

Big Changes in Weight

 Teens who are using drugs may experience large changes in their weight. They might lose interest in eating what they enjoyed before, leading them to lose a significant amount of weight. They could also start eating more, which can cause significant weight gain. Though gain weight and loss can be due to other issues or choosing to start a diet, if the changes coincide with other symptoms, it could be a sign of drug use.


Starts Stealing or Asking for Money Frequently

 Even though a teen might have some money on their own, purchasing drugs is expensive. Parents might notice a teen starts stealing money or objects that can be easily sold. They might also notice the teen starts asking for money more frequently and refusing to say what it’s for or making up excuses for why they need the extra money. On the other hand, a sign could be always having excessive money if the teen has started to sell drugs.


Has Drug Paraphernalia in their Room

 If a teen has drug paraphernalia in their bedroom or vehicle, it’s a huge sign that they are abusing drugs, not just trying them once. Drug paraphernalia can include small plastic baggies, small glass vials, rolling papers, cigar wrappers, or pipes.

Teen drug use can lead to drug addiction and more serious complications for the teen, including an increased potential for mental health issues as an adult. If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned here, especially if you’ve noticed more than once, your teen may be starting to use drugs. Make sure you talk with them about their actions and start looking into the help you can offer. A treatment program may be an excellent idea as this can enable them to get the help they need before the addiction becomes far worse.

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