Sober Living: How My Life Is With No Drugs?

Sober Living: How My Life Is With No Drugs?

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Life lived with drugs is dark, hazy and mostly uncomfortable. The people in your circle who also do drugs will tell you it’s fun, but mostly it’s just being unable to process a lot of things normally. Things that you normally do on a daily basis when you are sober. You can vaguely remember the days and you miss out on a lot of things, from friendships to family.

I can’t emphasize enough how life is just so much better, so much positive with no drugs. You feel clean, you feel alert and you feel that you have total control over yourself and your thoughts. How is my life with no drugs? Life with no drugs is positive, well and just a thousand times better than the opposite.

  1. I Started to Feel Like I Am Still Young.

Taking drugs may make you feel able and strong for a short time, but the after effects leave you weak and feeling years older. This is where most addiction starts. The jubilant feeling of being young is sought out, thus taking drugs regularly. When you are 100 percent sober and do not have any association with drugs, you will always feeling young and able. To add to that, you will literally look years younger. Your body is not stressed and tired. You will feel and look young.

  1. My Stamina Was Increased.

Your stamina will gradually but visibly increase until you have full on strength and endurance. You will get your strength and endurance back to its maximum point, plus you will be more upbeat and motivated to stay active and stay healthy.

  1. Socially I Was Stable and Image Was Improved.

While you may have “friends” and a circle of people to hang around if you are using drugs, it does not beat being socially active and stable. You are able to make new friends from different walks of life, and you get to connect with them deeper. You are able to understand your friends more and connect with them more often. Your image to your friends and family will be improved. Your image will change into a positive and loving friend who is ready to talk and catch up anytime.

  1. I Have Lost a Good Weight.

No drugs mean losing weight in a healthy way. While some forms of recreational drugs claim to help you lose weight, the result will make you look saggy and stressed, with excess skin and an unhealthy weight loss. Staying active and choosing a healthy lifestyle with no connection to recreational drugs in any way can help you lose weight in a pleasant and healthy manner. Your body will look more toned and strong, and this will make you feel more confident in yourself.

  1. I Had a Pleasant Sleep at Night.

Some people who were addicted to drugs claim that they had troubles sleeping at night. However, since they are packed on drugs, they choose to stay awake anyway. The body needs sleep to function properly. Your health depends on the number of hours you get to rest and sleep. Lack of sleep can show on your face and on your health. No drugs means having a sound mind that can get you to sleep soundly every night. This gives your body the chance to cope and replenish your energy in a healthy manner.

  1. I Was Focused on My Work.

Saying no to drugs will let you focus on your work and daily tasks while being on drugs will make you lose focus, push you to procrastinate and make you unproductive. Being focused on your job can help you get more things done and be more productive. This can mean positive things for your career and life. Being more focused and productive can lead to more opportunities and promotions that can help you go up the corporate ladder.

  1. Yeah, I Have Saved A Lot of Money.

Drugs cost money. Being addicted to drugs means spending a huge deal of money for your entertainment and satisfaction that can only last for a few hours. This leads to a vicious cycle of spending money on drugs and then spending more to make its effects last. Saying no to drugs means saving a lot of money. This is money you can use for your future, for traveling, for building your dream house, start a business and just basically set you up for success in life. You get to save a lot of money for you and your family’s future.

Drugs ruin life. It ruins your career, your relationships with family and friends. It ruins you. Don’t let yourself be sucked into the giant abyss of doing drugs. Let’s get sober Denver. Say no. Stay positive. Stay sober.

Jessica James has written several blogs all across the spectrum, but specializes mainly in sobriety, recovery and rehabilitation. With several years in the field, Jessica has been helping people get healthy and sober while recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Find out more about Jessica at Carla Vista Sober Living.

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