Would You Like To Know Your ED Score? Take The ED Calculator! [2 mins] πŸ‘

Would You Like To Know Your ED Score? Take The ED Calculator! [2 mins] πŸ‘

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Erectile dysfunction (β€˜ED’) is a man’s inability to get a sufficiently hard erection in order to complete successful sexual intercourse.


This condition affects millions of men worldwide. In fact, many research studies have reported that ED affects 20% or more of men worldwide (see sources below).Β Β Β 


If 20% of all men worldwide struggle with some degree of ED, this would mean that about 800 million men worldwide struggle with ED.


That is more than twice the total population of the United States. In other words, a very large number.Β 


But why does ED happen? What are the reasons why it gets more difficult for men to get erections?


There can be a number of factors at play. However, 2 key factors surface again and again:


  1. An unhealthy lifestyle. This includes a poor diet, little exercise, overweight, too much stress, little sleep, alcohol consumption, smoking, pollution, overexposure to pornography, mental problems, addictions, etc. The worse a man’s health, the more he will normally struggle with ED.
  2. Age. As we age, our testosterone production normally falls. Also, our cells, tissues and organs tend to function less well with increasing age. The older a man is, the more he will normally struggle with ED.


But there are varying degrees of ED. It is not necessarily black or white.Β 


For instance, some men struggle with severe ED and are never able to get it up. While other men have a milder condition of ED, which could mean that they function well most of the time, and only occasionally have problems getting erections.Β 


Therefore, it should in theory be possible to measure ED on a scale from 0-100. And it should therefore also be theoretically possible to measure any given man and give him an ED score from 0-100.


That is exactly what we have attempted to do with the Truelibido ED calculator.


The ED calculator guides you through 20 questions, and based on your answers, gives you your ED score from 0-100%.


For instance, if you were to score 100%, you should in theory function super well sexually.Β 


However, should you only score 32%, this is an indication of substantial ED.


After taking the ED Calculator and receiving your score, you will also have the option to receive a full analysis of each of the answers you provided.


Do you want to know your ED score? Take the calculator here:



Disclaimer: The ED calculator is created with the intention to give the user an indication of how well he functions sexually. It is based on scientific studies regarding what known factors have a positive and negative impact on ED. However, it may not provide the user with an accurate representation of his individual situation, and the results may therefore be viewed as guidance rather than a firm conclusion.Β 















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