Are Energy Drinks Bad for Your Health?

Are Energy Drinks Bad for Your Health?

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Energy Drinks

By Praveen Singh Contributing Author, writer and blogger expert

Stop believing in energy drinks to be the elixir of life. They’re everything but healthy. Studies have confirmed the health risks associated with energy drinks and their excessive consumption. Forget the little boost such drinks give because they’re not good enough to help your body beyond the momentary stimulation. A slew of health problems associated with energy drinks includes sleep disturbances, cardiovascular problems, obesity, diabetes, dental problems, and kidney damage. Quite clearly, you need to switch to better beverages or drinks if the focus is on the health, and not refreshment. Plus, any sugary drink is bad for your teeth and gums, and it’s better to stay away from them and maintain a perfect smile.

Here are some of the major harms caused by energy drinks

Energy Drinks

Heart problem 

Just a few energy drinks may not harm the body much, but their regular and excessive consumption could weaken your heart over time. And if you have some cardiac issues beforehand, it’s better not even to touch the drinks else you might be at risk for cardiac arrest. Consuming energy drinks may eventually lead to an abnormal heart rhythm risk and the worst part is, age does not matter as this problem can strike anyone. So, it’s always a sensible option to stay away from energy drinks and rather switch to something else that at least does not fraught with such severe risks to the body.


Risks of anxiety and insomnia 

All caffeinate beverages including energy drinks are bad for the body, particularly when consumed in excess. People who regularly consume such drinks are at a greater risk of anxiety. In fact, those with larger doses of caffeine may even be at risk of panic attacks over time. In the same way, too much consumption of energy drinks might even lead to sleep miss or insomnia. Even if these drinks do help keep people awake, abusing it could cause sleep-related issues leading to impaired functioning and lack of concentration.


Type 2 Diabetes

Consuming any foods or drinks high in sugar could be bad for people prone to diabetes. And since energy drinks are all sugar, they can eventually lead to diabetes. Such drinks can harm the body’s ability to produce and manage blood-sugar levels. Their excessive consumption means your insulin-producing cells in the pancreas may wear out gradually weakening the body’s ability to have a balance of blood sugar levels. So, cut back on the intake of sugary drinks and avoid being struck with type 2 diabetes.



The ingredients in energy drinks are harmful to the body. The caffeine and other stimulants used in them can even make people addicted. This can lead to impaired functioning and lack of concentration over time. More so, people who consume energy drinks are less likely to concentrate longer than non-drinkers. And being addicted to caffeine has a variety of other side-effects, mostly related to lapse in focus and ability to concentrate. So, quit your habit of energy drinks and rather have something that does not impair your physical and nervous energy in any way possible.


Tooth decay

Sugar is bad for teeth. It comes in contact with bacteria and then helps initiate acid formation in the body. The same acid can chip away at the teeth or enamel gradually causing weakening of the dental structure. Worse still, consuming energy drinks could also leave you with stained or discolored teeth which impacts the beauty of smile greatly. However, you can consult a dentist and know about tooth implant cost in India to face any eventuality in the wake of losing your tooth due to energy drink consumption.

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