How many is too many when it comes to energy drinks?

How many is too many when it comes to energy drinks?

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Energy drinks have become quite popular especially for our young people. These beverages are usually sweet, which encourages people to drink them in abundance. The question that arises is about safety. Can these beverages do more harm than good? The answer depends on the health of the consumer, how much is consumed and what is consumed with it. Young people can usually get away with it better than those who are older, as aging tends to add medical complications to the mix. Here are some reasons to approach these beverages with caution:

Energy drinks and Alcohol:

There are some favorite new cocktails out there using energy drinks as the base. It gives the illusion that the alcohol is not changing how we think our activities when we drive or do something similar. Unfortunately, that is dangerous. The FDA has even banned the production of these drinks in bottled form.

Energy drinks and Anxiety Disorders:

All disorders associated with the brain, whether it’s depression, anxiety or bipolar can be worsened by energy drinks. They also interact with the medications needed for those who have these problems. It is not recommended to use energy drinks with antidepressant herbs. Taking them simultaneously will negate any benefit you might receive from the herbs.

Energy drinks and Heart Disease:

A lot of studies have been done on the relationship between caffeine and heart disease. While scientists don’t believe it is a primary cause of these diseases, it can make all of them worse. Caffeine raises blood pressure, causes angina attacks and can cause difficulties in those who have murmurs. Energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine.

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Energy drinks and Vitamins:

There is one fact about energy drinks that goes across the board. It also applies to decaffeinate sodas, tea, and coffee. If you take your vitamin/mineral tablet with them, you will lose about sixty percent of the value. You will quite literally be flushing it down the toilet. Caffeine is a tannic acid and will block absorption of nutrients. It is also a diuretic, which means that it increases urine production.

Why do you need them in the first place?

There is one other thing to consider when it comes to these products. Why do you need them in the first place? If you drink energy drinks a lot you may be constantly drained,  which could be a serious health issue. It would be far wiser to find the real problem and address it, than to drink energy drinks instead. If the problem is simply a lack of adequate sleep, you are not doing your body a favor. Lack of sleep does more than make you drowsy. It can cause obesity, heart disease, and car accidents. Rather than dose yourself with the beverages, it would be far wiser to get the sleep your body is craving.

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