Exercise and stress: Get moving to manage stress

Exercise and stress: Get moving to manage stress

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Do you remember your childhood? A period from the 90s. Because I do, and at that time there was little stress and more happiness.


To begin with, we used to play a lot at that time, and when we exercise, it reduces our stress level and makes us feel happy again.

Is it a mere coincidence that you get a feel-good vibe when you ride a bicycle or talk an early walk in your nearest park?

Indeed, there is a connection between exercise and stress. Such that even a quick spring cleaning can reduce your stress in minutes.

Let’s discuss some core benefits of exercise on our miraculous body.

Benefits of Exercise

In ancient times, exercise was part of the daily routine. Right before people started work, they used to exercise a lot, or in some cases, the work itself was an exercise for them. Believe it or not, it was a regular part of our ancestor’s lives.

Regular exercise does reduce stress and impacts our body in countless positive ways. Some of the benefits of exercise are as follows:

  • Regular exercise increases body strength and stamina.
  • Exercise can make you calm and relaxed.
  • Move your body and sleep better.
  • It will boost your metabolism.
  • A mild exercise can help you de-stress at work.
  • Daily exercise emits happy chemicals that naturally elevate mood.
  • Decrease your level of illness and infection.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Reduces your blood pressure.

How much exercise will you need?

A study by the American Heart Association, AHA, suggests that 150 minutes of exercise activity every week can keep you fit.

Or course with a hectic routine, you can break down the time to 30-minute sessions each day. If you feel that 30 minutes is difficult to manage, you can go with 10-minute workouts thrice a day.

AHA further suggests that you must add two muscle-strengthening activities each week in your routine. This will help your body stay in shape. Give a workout to your arms, shoulders, chest, legs, and other core muscles.

If you are starting, ensure that it will take some time to build a habit of exercise. For people who find it challenging to jump right in the exercise mode, you can begin by 20 minutes of aerobatic exercise each day. If you look closely, 20 minutes is nothing, but it is not about time, it’s more about creating a habit that you can scale quickly afterward.

Stress-Busting Easy Exercises

Who said that you need high equipment to start your exercise? Of course, gyms in Nottingham can do wonders for you, but for beginners who are super-bust or lazy with their lives, you can begin with simple exercises.

No, that doesn’t include running a marathon. Any small exercise can help.

For instance, consider some moderate aerobic exercises:

  • Jogging or Brisk walk
  • Swimming or any water sports.
  • Playing Badminton
  • Biking
  • Dancing
  • Rowing

At times even a simple activity like watering your plants, taking stairs instead of the elevator can give a boost to your mood.

Any type of exercise is right, but the exercise mustn’t drain all your energy. If you hate water, no need to choose swimming as an activity, if running scares, you for some reason, don’t go for it. Even training for a marathon won’t make your stress go away if you don’t like running.

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Instead, go for exercises that you enjoy. When you have fun in doing anything, it gets easy to make it stick as a routine. Study after study it was suggested that if you find fun at work, you won’t feel tired at all.

This doesn’t stick to one person. If you can find a partner for a workout that will add more benefits to it, sharing the exercise with family, friends, or colleagues can make it a ritual and come out as a healthy habit.

Healthy Exercises to keep you, Young

  • Yoga: One of the most effective exercises that can help you beat stress with somebody postures and stationary poses. The good thing is that it will restore your natural body strength. When you get past the beginner level, you can go for “Power Yoga,” which is an advanced level.
  • Tai Chi: Just like Yoga, Tai Chi is a set of flowing body movements and breathing exercises that can calm your mind and get your body at peace anytime, anywhere. Tai Chi can help you stabilize your blood pressure, improve your immune system, and build bone density. It is an exercise that people of any age can go to.
  • Pilates: A series of movements on a mat that can build your strength and flexibility. You can watch YouTube videos for this. They are plain and straightforward exercises.
  • Kickboxing: If you are serious about eliminating stress from your life, then Kickboxing is your chance to do it. With just a few steps, you’ll be able to say goodbye to anxiety in your life. This is also an excellent way to take out all your frustrations on something.

Final Thoughts

My uncle just turned 96 this year. I know my uncle since my birth, and I was all amazed by his energy and enthusiasm in life.

The other day I asked him about the secret. Very casually, he replied, “I walk every day for 21 minutes, and I’ve been doing it since I was a child.” That’s it. The secret to happiness, health, wealth and everything else. If you want to live long and live healthily, you must follow a strict exercise schedule.

Whether you believe it or not, exercise increases your brain size, which then helps in improving the overall health of a person. Take a look at the life of any celebrity. How do you think they stay fit all their life? The secret to their health is a rigorous exercise routine that they follow strictly, and no one knows or talks about it.


Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing. You can find her on Twitter: @meetalycia

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