How Often Should We Have Eye Exams

How Often Should We Have Eye Exams

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Everyone wants to have good sight. Losing your sight can be caused by many factors. Because prevention is better than treatments, you have to take proper care of your eyes and go to regular eye exams. It doesn’t matter if you have some problems with your eyes or not, visiting your doctor is crucial to keep healthy sight.

How often should you have eye exams to prevent eye diseases?

Several factors can determine the frequency of going for eye exams.

1.People with an eye condition should have eye exams at least three times yearly to monitor their progress.

2. People with eye infection should be exposed to eye exams immediately after its appearing. They have to visit eye doctor when some of the following symptoms appear because they need a remedy to heal the infection. Many people ignore eye infection that can turn into bigger issues.

Here are the symptoms of various infections

People with following symptoms may have pink eye or conjunctivas

  • The white part of the eye become red
  • The itching feeling
  • Feeling like something is in the eye when blinking
  • Discharge from the eye and excessive tearing
  • Get crusts around the eyelashes
  • They may have blurred vision

The following symptoms are signs of Blepharitis

  • The margins of the eyelids become red, itchy and inflamed.
  • The eyes become red and sensitive to light.
  • Discharge from the eye and excessive tearing
  • Blurred vision
  • Sometimes Blepharitis can lead to Conjunctivitis.

Symptoms of Stye or hordeolum are:

  • One or more bumps on the eyelid appear.
  • There are red and painful
  • You feel a foreign body sensation
  • The eyes become sensitive to light.
  • You feel discharge from the eye and excessive tearing


3 People with diabetes and hypertension should have eye exams more than the others. They can lose their sight due to their chronic ailments. They have to monitor their eye vision every three months.

4. People at high risk of glaucoma have to go on complete eye check-up every year.

The following groups of people have the higher risk of developing glaucoma

  • People over 60
  • Family history of glaucoma
  • People with African or Hispanic heritage [1]
  • Steroid users
  • Individuals with High Myopia (nearsightedness)
  • Persons with Hypertension
  • People with Eye injury

5. People who experienced a change in their vision like people who see light flashes or have a double vision have to go on an eye exam as soon as possible.

6. People who have troubles driving at night or regular headaches and dizziness have to go for an eye exam as soon as possible.

7 People who are completely healthy and they don’t have any eyes and vision problems have to go on eye exam once in two years.

Although some people may not have eye conditions, everyday factors like sitting in front of computers make people susceptible to problems. Therefore, take the time to really know how you can improve your eye health. This can only be done by an exam.

According to this,  don’t wait. Prevention is always better than treatment.  Appoint your eye-check up immediately.Your vision depends on you. Don’t postpone your appointment with your ophthalmologist.

Free Eye Exam and Glasses

If you need eye examination or you need to replace your glasses, but you don’t have an insurance and money you don’t have to postpone your appointment with the eye doctor again.  Many companies are willing to help you to take care of your eyes. This will minimize the risks of missing your appointment for an eye examination.

No matter what type of eye treatment you need or how poor your eyesight is, these companies are willing to give you a helping hand. Most of these companies are non-profit making groups with interest in providing aid to those who are visually impaired or have disabilities. Various organizations also devote their work on improving and advancing problems and diseases related to ophthalmology. These organizations have different eligibility requirements than other programs that offer medical assistance.

Who Qualifies for a Free Eye Exam and Glasses?

There are some organizations that offer free eye examinations and prescription eyeglasses. Most of these organizations provide services to the unemployed, low-income people with no or limited health insurance. These non-profit agencies administer a voucher program and also get into partnership with local social service institutions and charities.

A good example is New Eyes for the Needy  which provide the eyeglasses for needy people and low-income earners through voucher program across the country. You need to apply for this assistance to qualifying. Some of the people likely to qualify for assistance include the elderly, the working poor and children.

Applicants must show that they are in financial need and have had an eye exam recently. Also, all candidates should not be in any other assistance program or have any resource to help them to pay for their glasses. That means the applicants should not have other programs or options at their disposal including local charitable, federal government or state health care and non-profit institutions.

If your application is approved, you will receive an eyeglass voucher through a local social agency or local charity. Non-profit organizations work with many schools, and the school nurse can provide these vouchers from some of the NGOs. After receiving a voucher, the client can present it to some local retailers, eye doctors, and optical dispensers. They will then be fitted with the right prescription eyeglasses free of charge. The eye doctor or dispenser will receive the payment from the non-profit organization.

Here are other places where you can get a free exam and free eyeglasses.






how often should we have eyes exams

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