An Optometrist’s Wink for A Better Blink

An Optometrist’s Wink for A Better Blink

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And, one fine day you wake up in the morning to see that you are not able to see your world clearly. It is all blurry. Who would you turn to in such a case?  Doctor? Well! Yes. In medical terms, we call them ’optometrists’. To start with, optometrists are eye specialists. They are the professionals that examine patients’ eyes to detect any disease or any anomaly and then, they prescribe medication, accordingly. Now, what is the difference between an optician and an optometrist?

Optometrist v/s Optician

The origin of an optometrist dates back to 30 years. This field of optometry has become pretty prodigious, since the last few years. On the contrary, the opticians, ever since its origin, are stagnating and they owe it all to the paltry scope of this field. Coming down to the dissimilitude between the two, here’s how it goes:

  • The fore basic variance lies in the very eligibility of mastering the field. While optometrists require professional-level strenuous training which comprises structured indoctrination. The opticians are mere white-collared workers. Their prime requisites are superficial training alongside, the basic knowledge of the spectacle power and the likes.
  • The next distinction can be in the functions effectuated by the two of them. The optometrist is like an eye doctor, also called eye optician, earlier. They perform eye examinations and also fit contact lenses as apposite to the patients’ condition. They may or may not manufacture the spectacles by themselves. They are adept at discerning eye diseases and also, they are competent enough to proffer treatment.

On the other hand, the opticians are mere dealers in spectacles and contact lens. They are competent to discern the vision singularities and assign it with suitable power. However, they do not effectuate the examination of the eyes or effective treatments towards it.

  • Now, this one is, probably, the most obvious. The optometrists levy more for a single sitting as compared to a single visit to the optician. An optometrist may further increase the amount, in case, any eye or vision fault has been diagnosed.
  • The cost of setting up and reaching the echelon of an optometrist is hefty as well. The optician level, majorly, involves technician jobs and hence, requires a meager amount.


A brief look into optometry

This field is actually very wide and unequivocally well-flourished; especially after the advent of digitalization. There is, clearly, much more to optometry than the aforesaid points.

The business of an optometrist is quite lucrative. However, there are some requisites that every optometrist should attain. And the first one is ‘license’. Before establishing his work foundation, an optometrist is required to acquire a license from the government of the state in which he is going to work. To get a license, he may be required to take clinical and written examinations conducted by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry. Additionally, the license needs renewal in every 2 to 3 years.

Not to omit, as an optometrist, reportedly, one can easily make quite a lot of money and earn a lot of respect as well. However, with the enhancing leeway, the pay band is sure to escalate too.

Conclusively, if an individual is facing some eyes issues that need attention, an ’optometrist’ is the person to look up to. Visiting an optician may, at first, cost you a little less, but later on, it may as well take a toll on you. So better take a precaution over a lifelong regret! It is best to not let any eye problem linger on. So, take a decision wisely and do not hesitate to spend a little more to lead a life full of colors and clarity.


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