Maximize your Gains with a Workout and Nutrition Plan

Maximize your Gains with a Workout and Nutrition Plan

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How and what you eat plays a significant role in your physical appearance; especially when you are working out. Unhealthy eating habits will cause you to gain excess weight, have bad skin, and problems with your digestion.

The following are simple tips to live a healthy life

1.Eat High Protein Content

Before you hit the gym, make sure you eat foods with high protein content. Do not worry about eating a lot of protein before the workout because it will not make you fat. The importance of consuming a lot of protein before the workout is because it plays a significant role in generating muscles. Pre work out nutrition is important because it determines the long-term building of muscles.

Taking Foods rich in protein before the workout helps you to remain active throughout the session. Exercising on an empty stomach will make you sluggish because the stored glycogen in your body will be quickly depleted.

2.Vegetable Fat

Include vegetable fat in your breakfast. Vegetable fat is good for your health. If you exercise regularly, you probably need to add fat content in your breakfast. When training and exercising, you will need high amounts of calorie and carbohydrate in your body. Lifting weights will require you to have a suitable supply of fats that will be converted to energy. Otherwise, you will be straining your muscles and your body if you do not take sufficient amount of vegetable fat before the workout.


Fruits like oranges make an excellent pre-workout meal for your fitness goals. Oranges are most preferred because they provide quick energy for your body. That is why the majority of bodybuilders will eat lots of oranges before a workout session. Another advantage of oranges that they have vitamin C that is essential for the body. Other fruits that you can eat before work out are apples and bananas.

4.Whole foods

Your muscles need glucose from whole foods for fuel. For intensive exercises, your muscles will depend on whole foods to produce extra energy. That is after the glycogen stores are depleted. Consuming high-carb diet increases
glycogen stored in the muscles and liver. Some of the whole foods include oats.
Brown grains and brown rice.

Post-Workout Nutrition

Maximize your Gains with a Workout and Nutrition Plan #health #fitness #Workout #Nutrition #Gains #Gain #Workouts #maximize
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After working out, you will feel thirsty since lots of water will have been lost through sweating. You will also experience tiredness and aches. Therefore, nutrition plan after work out is important to help you stay healthy.

Take proteins after 20 minutes of workout. Your body effectively absorbs more nutrients after exercising. After an hour, you can eat whole foods that are rich in protein and carbs. Carbs help to restock the glycogen stores that were depleted during the workout. Carbs also replenish glucose that helps to regulate your blood sugar that dropped during the intense exercise.

Do not forget to take a lot of water to compensate the lost amount during exercise. Water helps in healing your skin to avoid dryness.


Eating a balanced diet is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Both pre-workout and post workout nutrition plans are important. With these tips, you will be able to achieve maximum gains from the workout.

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