Healthy Ways to Reduce Inflammation

Healthy Ways to Reduce Inflammation

Healthy Ways to Reduce InflammationHealthy Ways to Reduce Inflammation

by  Scarlet Gratton
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As one of the most frequent modern age problems, inflammation is no easy enemy to deal with. In general, it’s quite a natural process in our body that happens as a response to injury or infection, and when limited only to those instances it poses no real problem to us. However, in our fast-paced, stress-filled environment and a lifestyle that requires us to be constantly alert and on the go, inflammation has now become an ever-present issue to deal with, one that degrades the quality of our life and damages our body. It interferes with major systems in our body and damages our cells, and can lead to increased risk of autoimmune diseases and cancer.

All those inexplicable aches, pains, and sleepless nights are very often some of the symptoms, so if you constantly feel tired and listless it’s quite possible that your inflammation levels are elevated. Luckily, this is absolutely something you can deal with. To help you, we’ve prepared a list of some completely natural, easy solutions that you can try.

Get more sleep

Get more sleep
Get more sleep

The effects of sleep deprivation are terrible. There’s just no other way to put it; it’s one of the biggest causes of increased inflammation levels, and it messes with your heart, your immune system, and your brain. From bad memory to muscle aches and increased chance for diabetes, an unhealthy sleep cycle is the first thing you want to fix if your aim is to live healthy. Get at least seven hours of sleep every single night, and trying going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time every day – this will help stabilize your sleeping pattern. If you suffer from insomnia, here are some tips that could help you deal with it.

Food that increases inflammation

Candy, chocolate, cake, soda drinks, and even store-bought fruit juice are so stuffed with sugar that they’re creating a legit addiction in your body that can be very difficult to shake off. Processed food and sugar pump inflammatory cytokines in your bloodstream and make your body more sluggish, tired, and achy. A feeling of heaviness settles in and your kidneys, liver, and lymphatic system have to work harder to flush the toxins out. We recommend that you significantly cut down on both of these foods and find a way to control your sugar cravings – it’s unbelievably beneficial. Try avoiding sugar completely for two weeks, then take a sweet snack – you’ll notice just how overly-sweetened it is, because food companies stuff sugar into absolutely everything.

Food that soothes inflammation

Food that soothes inflammation
Food that soothes inflammation

Luckily, some foods are actually real inflammation killers, and you can actually use your diet to get the levels down and feel better. Green leafy veggies are a great choice, so enjoy some collard greens, kale, spinach, and lettuce, but you should also stock up on healthy fats. Foods rich in Omega-3, such as salmon and avocado, are really good at controlling inflammatory responses and protecting our health, so try to make more home-cooked meals. Some spices are also excellent at supporting our health, most notably curcumin, an active ingredient found in the old Indian staple – turmeric. It has some incredibly high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, and aids various processes in your body. However, curcumin content in turmeric is not very high, and it’s a bit difficult to get the proper amount of it from food alone (unless you have at least one daily meal that’s spiced with turmeric). To solve this, you can start taking curcumin supplements to get all the beneficial goodies of this healthy ingredient.

Increase physical activity

It’s not just about exercise alone, either. In addition to going to the gym or working out at home, you should also stay active through the whole day – walk, run, cycle, simply move more. Our sedentary lifestyles are bad for our skeletal system and our muscles, and they make us slow and tired. Find a physical activity that you enjoy and you’ll stop seeing it all as a chore.

Manage stress

Manage stress
Manage stress

Stress is the first thing that will trigger inflammation, and an excessive amount of it can really wreak havoc on your whole body. We recommend that you find something that relaxes you and create personal rituals that you can engage in whenever you’re feeling anxious. Whether you opt for yoga, meditation, reading, drawing, or having a massage is entirely up to you. Which activities ease your mind? Stick to them and let them melt away the stress.

Managing inflammation is all about lifestyle. Make a commitment to introduce good habits, and you’ll realize that you have more energy, more willpower, and that you’re simply a calmer, healthier person.

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