Treat Depression Anxiety at home with these Vitamins

Treat Depression Anxiety at home with these Vitamins

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If there is anything I have to say about depression, it is that people begin to heal the very moment that they break, and you are experiencing depression anxiety or know someone that is, then you came to the right place.

You can obtain the vitamins listed here from your diet or from natural supplements.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It almost always comes down to fish oil, and this is because it contains chemicals that can brighten mood; the perfect remedy for depression anxiety.

Vitamin B-12

27 percent of women over the age of 65 and suffering from severe depression lack sufficient vitamin B-12. This nutrient, as well as vitamin B-6, are great regulators for mental health.

Treat Depression Anxiety with Turmeric

Yes, that very same seasoning you use to make curry might just pull you out of depression. The component activated genes that produce antioxidants that serve to protect the energy sources in the body cells.

Vitamin D and Vitamin C

A Vitamin D deficiency can feel like depression, so make sure you check this off your list before trying other treatments.
Vitamin C is the helping hand your body needs when going through depression.

Amino Acids

We must get eight essential amino acids from our diets, and from these eight building blocks, our bodies form thousands of molecules and act as neurotransmitters.

When recovering from depression anxiety, you need amino acids to maintain your brain function so you don’t get unfocused, foggy, or, as the diagnosis would say it, depressed.


This might just be the most hunted nutrient in modern day American because alcohol, caffeine, and sugar deplete it from the body.

Stress also reduces magnesium levels in the body, and for this reason, it is seen as the perfect stress antidote. It is an efficient relaxation mineral, and if you cannot get it from your diet (green beans and seaweed), then you should consider taking its natural supplements.


By itself, calcium will not help reduce the symptoms of depression, but since it is recommended that you remove dairy from your diet, you need to take calcium supplements to make up for any nutrients you might be missing.


This substance helps regulate the sleep-wake pattern and is thus well known to anyone who has experienced insomnia. For this reason, melatonin will help you best if you experience periods of sleep anxiety; taking it with calcium and magnesium just might do the trick.

GABA is another great anti-anxiety medication, but you also have to realize that your diet is an important part of your treatment. To keep your gut clean, try Probiotics; specifically Probiotic 22 (a bit on the pricey side but it is worth it). Mix the powder into your water or cup of smoothie in the morning and drink it before breakfast.

Keeping your gut in shape is vital in the treatment of depression anxiety. SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine), although usually used to speed up other antidepressants, is also effective on its own.

All these vitamins go well with exercise, a healthy diet, and laughter…lots of laughter.


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