4 Simple Ways to Remove Fleas from Your Home

4 Simple Ways to Remove Fleas from Your Home

4 Simple Ways to Remove Fleas from Your HomeFlea Silhouette

Even if you are not a pet-owner, fleas can turn out to be the most resilient pests hiding in the corners of your home. They cause excessive itching and red spots all over the body. You desire to clean sweep those pest-inhabiting corners, but it’s a lot of hassle.

Here are some easy tried and tested natural remedies to remove ticks and fleas, whether you are a pet owner or not:

  1. Dodge the Fleas — Light Trap:

Set up a few light traps by placing the desk lamp around the places where fleas are mostly spotted. Take a bowl and mix a few drops of dishwashing soap with water in it. Place the bowl under the light to attract the pests. Fleas are basically nocturnal, so they are easily attracted towards light areas.

The viscous soap solution will glue the fleas into the water bowl to prevent escape. It will drown those adult fleas that are messing up the house space.

Isn’t it the easiest and simplest way to cheat these little enemies into death? Just repeat it every day until the flea population has thinned out.

  1. Steam Clean The Home:

Steam cleaners are expensive but you can rent one to fight the pests. Steam-clean every hidden corner of your carpets, sofas, beds, baseboards, and curtains. The high temperature of steam will not only kill the adult fleas but also their eggs and larvae. Fleas are a fast-growing population, so it’s imperative to impede their growth.  After you have steam cleaned the house, vacuum the areas to remove the dead fleas, eggs, and larvae.

  1. Flea Baths to Pets:

If you are a pet-owner, give them flea baths using effective flea shampoos. Flea baths are required during summer seasons when flea and tick infestation is on the rise.  Flea shampoos can be prepared using essential oils—but make sure it’s safe for pets.

Prevent fleas in future by spraying homemade flea sprays, using flea and tick collars (try Seresto collars), and rubbing flea-repelling solutions on dog’s skin.

  1. Herbal Flea Sprays:

Herbal flea sprays are different from the ones you use for your pets. Herbal sprays are prepared to eliminate the tiny pests from home. DIY Herbal spray is a natural remedy that is made with non-toxic ingredients, which makes it safe to use around children and pets.

Prepare the solution by mixing 2 liters of water, 4 liters of vinegar, 250 ml of witch hazel and 500 ml of lemon juice in a bottle. Fill an empty spray bottle with the solution. Before using the flea spray, make sure that the bedding/sofas/cushions are properly cleaned and vacuumed. There should be no infestation left in any corner of the house. Apply the spray around the house to prevent re-infestation in the house.

Flea-repelling Plants:

Besides these 4 natural remedies for removing fleas, there are some flea-repelling plants you can plant in your garden: Penny Royal, Lavender, Spearmint, and Chrysanthemums. You can place the plant pots indoors as well. The chemicals, oils, and compounds that are released by these plants repel fleas (as they hate them).

Final Words:

All in all, fleas can be tricked and killed. You can try these cheapest yet the most effective ways to eradicate fleas from your home.

Fiona Appleton is a Labrador owner. She is the manager of https://ultimatehomelife.com/ that has been developed to help people solve the troubles of pet ownership. She is an active advocate of animal protection campaigns. She wants people to understand that dog-behavior is reflective of our behavior.

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