Safe Sex Against Sexually Transmitted Infections

Safe Sex Against Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Sexually Transmitted InfectionsSexually Transmitted Infections

Television plays a significant role in the sexual socialization of adolescents.Previous research has found that exposure to non-explicit sexual television content is related to a broad range of sexual attitudes and behaviors. Content analyses of sex on TV have shown that broadcasts containing sexual content rarely mention the risk or responsibilities of sexual activity, such as sexually transmitted infections and condom or contraceptive use. Correlational studies have found that adolescents who are frequently exposed to those portrayals endorse the view that sex is recreational, i.e., sex is a leisure activity for one’s physical pleasure without any engagement. Also, experimental research has shown that exposure to even a limited number of programs depicting non-explicit sexual intercourse without containing a reference to condom use or safe sex negatively influenced people’s attitudes towards safe sex practices.

Safe Sex Against Sexually Transmitted Infections

Based on those findings we predicted that exposure to sexually semi-explicit TV broadcast would be related to reducing levels of fear about the risks associated with sexual activity. Sexual threats such as AIDS, sexually transmitted infections seem to become less salient issues in their sexual schemes.However, it is unclear whether reduced fear of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases will lead to decrease in safe sex practices. A meta-analysis on the effectiveness of fear appealing messages in stimulating health promoting behaviors revealed that fear had a positive effect on behavior. But the most important is developing positive health actions.Condom use and standard gynecological controls will prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Cytological tests should be performed at least once a year beginning from the first sexual intercourse regardless of age. The most effective prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is a stable, harmonious relationship with a faithful partner. A necessary condition before the onset of sexual intercourse is a physical and mental maturity of both partners.For systematic prevention of sexually transmitted infections diseases at this moment it is necessary: introduce an adequate sexual education in schools starting from the primary school, develop interdisciplinary cooperation between social and medical sciences.

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