How To Stop Your Hair Loss

How To Stop Your Hair Loss

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Although hair is not always essential to health, its decline can cause anxiety. The remains of fallen hair on the women brush can cause intense mental tension. The baldness in man scalp can cause embarrassment and diffidence. Leading causes of hair loss are stress, anxiety, and sudden shock, general exhaustion caused by severe and long-term illnesses like typhoid, syphilis, chronic cold, influenza, and anemia, as well as an unhygienic condition of the scalp that weakness roots of hair through blocking of pores for usually collected dust. Hereditary factors may also be a cause of the disease.

Hair loss or baldness may decrease your confidence. You may look up for hair transplant surgeries.  There are proven results, but it’s a huge investment. Unfortunately, this type of procedure is not covered by insurance plans, and it all comes straight out of your pocket. It does work for people that can afford it.

If you do not belong to that group try this process for growing hair.  Results may vary from person to person. What works for some people, does not work for others.

What is the most important thing to activate the process of hair growth?

You have to believe this is happening. Down deep, in yourself, you need to know that your body is capable of re-growing your hair. You cannot take no for an answer. You cannot discourage at first when you realize after a few days that this wasn’t going to be a quick fix.

Stages of hair growth 

There are three distinct stages of hair growth. The first stage is anagen stage. Anagen stage is the growth stage and this phase last for 2-6 years typically. This stage is what 90% of the hair on your head is in at all times in an average head of hair. Anagen stage is when an existing blood supply is providing the hair with nutrients to keep hair growing. The second phase is the catagen stage. Catagen stage is where the hair follicle slows growth and will eventually come to a complete stop and detach from the root that is supplying the blood. The last step is the telogen phase. The follicle is not creating any hair at all when we are in this phase. The hair might stay in the follicle for a little bit but will eventually fall out. The follicle is preparing to make new hair at this stage, and when the hair falls out in this stage, the follicle begins making the new hair in a standard hair growth setting.

In hair loss situations, no matter what the actual cause is, the hair follicle has a longer telogen phase and a shortening anagen phase which will cause hair follicles to shrink. It is typical for people to lose on average 120ish hairs a day.

Hair loss cure for hair regrowth 

Massage the scalp carefully:

Your hair needs blood supply delivering nutrients to the follicle to grow. If you have DHT or anything else inhibiting blood flow to the hair, your hair will die and fall out. Massaging your head would increase the blood flow, thus over time, remaining consistent, there would be results. Rub around scalp where the hair is missing with the following remedies until the place is red.

Coconut milk

The mix of coconut milk with coconut flour is useful for the treatment of hair loss. This mixture will nourish the hair and stimulate new growth. Gently rub the scalp with this mix once a day.

Seeds of lime and pepper

The mixture of the seeds of lime and black pepper is also considered helpful in the treatment of baldness. Grind the seeds and prepare a fine mix.  This combination increases blood circulation to the affected place and stimulates hair growth. The mixture should be applied twice a day for several weeks.


Garlic is also helpful for baldness. Rub around scalp where the hair is missing with garlic every morning and evening until the place is red.

If you have sensitive skin, or simply just don’t want to chafe or irritate your skin,  use different oils that are safe and beneficial for the hair and the scalp when you perform scalp massage. Use some of these oils:  almond oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, and olive oil.

Hair growth foods

You have to eat food free of preservatives and artificial flavorings and ingredients.

The primary cause of hair loss and inadequate nutrition. Even a partial deficiency of nutritional components can cause hair loss. Subjects who have a lack of vitamin B6 may have the appearance of hair loss, and those who have a deficiency of folic acid in their body, usually become bald headed. When we balance the diet with these nutrients, however, the hair continues to grow normally.

Zinc- Zinc is a mineral that has been found to be deficient in many people who experience hair loss. Zinc helps with sebum production, prevents dandruff, and helps hair not to become weak and break easily. Up your zinc intake. Foods containing zinc include oysters, shrimp, eggs, pumpkin seeds and many others. There are also many multi-vitamins that contain daily levels of Zinc in them.

Magnesium– Magnesium is also a mineral that has been found to be deficient in people with hair loss. A big thing that magnesium does for the body is that it promotes a restful sleep. Restful sleep is something essential for all around good body health. Lack of sleep can cause stress and that in turn can be negative about a lot of things regarding hair loss. Foods high in magnesium include cashews, pumpkin seeds, spinach, almonds to name a few. A lot of multi-vitamins contain magnesium as well.

Copper– Copper helps with maintaining the chemical balance in the skin, and it contributes to regulating essential enzymes. Foods containing this include red wine, chocolate, nuts, and shellfish.

Manganese– Deficiencies in this mineral are said to contribute to hair loss and premature graying of hair as well. Foods that contain manganese include eggplant, tofu, peppermint, cucumber, squash, spinach, and pumpkin seeds.

Protein– Essentially, your hair is protein. Protein is essential in any diet, whether you eat meat or you are a vegetarian. It is important to your health and facilitates so many of your body’s functions aside from just hair growth. Eat eggs, Greek yogurt, fish, and lean meats.

Omega 3 – This has been known to help prevent hair breakage. Foods including this are flax seeds, walnuts, salmon, and tuna to name a few.

Selenium – Selenium has been known to help stimulate hair follicles to encourage new hair growth. Foods that contain this include Brazilian nuts, tuna, and halibut to name a few.

All of your essential vitamins, including  A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, E’s were all necessary.  Changing your diet, you will feel so much better every day, all day.


A juice of hair regrowth

Lettuce is useful for the prevention of hair loss. A mixture of lettuce juice and juice spinach juice is believed to be a useful remedy for assisting hair growth. Drink half a liter per day.

Source: Book – My Hair Regrowth  Story by Joe Clayton

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