7 Myths About Your Six Pack Abs

7 Myths About Your Six Pack Abs

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By Michael Morelli
Contributing Author,  health & fitness expert

Many of us try to get fitness information by reading different sources ranging from books and blogs. If you want to build your six pack abs, you definitely have to read to learn more about the best exercises that you can do. However, you need to be careful in choosing the right source of information. You should not believe all the things printed in a magazine just because it is accompanied by some photos. Here are some myths about six pack abs that you should cross out from your to-do-list:


Specialty equipment will better target abs

You will see a lot of advertisements featuring specialty equipment and tools that they claim to be helpful in getting better abs. You should not believe all of those because getting those perfect abs depends on the frequency and consistency of your exercise. What you will achieve is not determined by any machine. Even if you have bought an equipment for your exercise, you will still not cut the excess fats and build those muscles if you do not dedicate yourself to a regular exercise.


Old-school-sit-ups still have a place

This is the most popular myth that most of us were able to read. Your old school sit-ups do not really help because the focus of the pressure is on the legs, not the abdominal part. IT can help in increasing flexibility in the joints behind the knee and the muscles around the legs but it does not really help in your goal to polish your abs. You can just add this as a warm-up exercise before going through a more rigid training.


Crunches are all you need

How to get six pack abs | six pack abs workout |for women and men
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Most people think that you just have to do crunches if your target is to build your abs. If your main goal is to eliminate unneeded fats and build the muscles, this exercise is not so helpful. Crunches burn very little fats compared to more rigid exercises. Building abs require more pressure and more energy. It will not be enough for you to focus only on this exercise. So, instead of adding more minutes for crunches, you can consider a more rigid exercise that will target your belly fats and build your abdominal muscles.


Arms-crossed crunches are best

There is a belief that crossing your arms will add more pressure to crunches. This is not really helpful because even if you do it arms-crossed, the intensity is still the same. You will still lose a very little amount of fats around the belly area. Even if you are going to do it regularly, you will still not get your dream six pack abs.


Fast and intense is the way to workout

7 Myths about 6 pack abs
7 Myths about 6 pack abs

If you are dreaming of that sexy body and a perfect belly muscles, you should also tell yourself that it is not going to be easy. You cannot achieve it overnight. It takes dedication and a lot of time. Adding intensity and making the routine or exercise harder will not really help you. What you can do is to set a regular time for exercises and dedicate yourself to the routine. It may take some time but it is all going to be worth it.








Certain foods blast belly fat

Body fitness experts recommend diet plans and exercises to eliminate belly fat. However, it is a myth to believe that there are certain foods that you can eat to get rid of the unwanted fat. Shifting to a natural and healthy diet can help you become fit but it will not really eliminate the fat you have already accumulated from the food you have eaten before. You need to exercise regularly and sweat off to be able to blast your belly fat.


You shouldn’t work your abs every day

Some people set different exercises every day because they believe in this myth. If you really want to build muscles, you should work out your abs every day. This will help you tone the muscles easily. And it will also help you maintain your momentum.


Learning from people who have already achieved the goal is one of the keys to becoming successful. If you are looking for great ways to become physically fit, choose to follow the tips coming from those who know best.


Michael is a writer who loves to write an article on various health & fitness topics. He believes workout is very important as it helps to boost our metabolism & improve our health. In his articles, he always mentions about diet plans, weight loss plans etc.

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