physical activity

physical activity

Here is how Physical Activity can Improve Brain Health in Kids

brain health
Healthy Lifestyle
Physical activity, brain health, and general body health go hand in hand, and in children, the need to lead an active lifestyle is only more pronounced. The risk ...
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So You Want to Live Longer? Try These 4 Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits
Healthy Food Healthy Lifestyle
Would you wish to live up to a decade longer? A new study has revealed that it’s possible for men to live 12 years longer than the average ...
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Healthy Ways to Reduce Inflammation

Healthy Ways to Reduce Inflammation
Healthy Lifestyle How to
by  Scarlet Gratton Contributing Author, a passionate writer ,professional fashion, lifestyle, and health,  expert As one of the most frequent modern age problems, inflammation is no easy enemy ...
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Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes
Healthy Food Healthy Lifestyle How to
Written by: Dr. Filip Doksimovski , MD Diabetes type 2 is a most common disease in the United States that force people to seek doctors’ assistance. Learn How ...
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