What is Breast Augmentation and How Does It Work?

What is Breast Augmentation and How Does It Work?

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Breast AugmentationPlastic surgery female doctor examine blond woman patient breast shape

Breast augmentation is a surgery where breast implants are inserted to improve the way the person’s breasts look. It is an invasive procedure that requires longer recovery times, and patients must follow all post-operative instructions to avoid complications. Women who are curious are encouraged to review more details about breast augmentation and how it works.

Reasons for Getting Breast Augmentation

The most common reasons for undergoing breast augmentation include symmetry, post-pregnancy improvements, and reconstruction after cancer surgery. Women undergo the procedures to increase the size of their breasts, lift the breasts, and make the breasts fuller. Women review the effects of breast augmentation and determine what type and size of the implant will meet their needs most effectively. Women who want to schedule a consultation for the procedure can visit https://www.donaldsonplasticsurgery.com/ for more information now.

Choosing Between Silicone and Saline

Choosing between silicone and saline implants requires women to consider the risks and benefits of each option. The choice determines how the implants look and determine some risk factors. Silicone can create a more natural-looking breast, but it is an unnatural substance. If the silicone leaks, it could present some health risks and require the immediate removal of the breast implant.

Saline is saltwater-based and doesn’t present the same health risks as silicone, but the saline implants are known to create ridges and rumple around the edges of the implant. Discussing the options with a surgeon helps the patient determine what type is best for them and presents the most benefits.

Above or Below the Muscle

Breast Augmentation
Plastic surgery female doctor draw line patient breast augmentation implant

Surgeons present two options for insertion of the breast implants. Placing the breast implant on top of the muscle prevents the capsulization of the implant inside the breast. Placing the implant underneath the muscle creates a more natural look and is the best placement for saline implants. When placing the implant on top of the muscle, the implant is inserted through the areola. When it is inserted under the muscle, the surgeon makes an incision underneath the breast.

What are the Risks of Breast Augmentation?

The risks of breast augmentation include scarring, capsular contracture, pain, and infection. Over time the implant could leak or rupture. The surgery could cause some changes in the aerosol and nipples and decrease sensation.

What to Do After Augmentation

Women who undergo breast augmentation are informed that the breasts can change if they gain weight or become pregnant. Surgeons recommend that women start and follow a diet and exercise plan to keep weight off, and women might prefer waiting until after they stop having babies to get longer-lasting results. Sagging is possible depending on the size of the implants and how well they are maintained. The implants are replaced every 10 years even if the implants don’t leak or become damaged.

Women should never undergo a mammogram if they have implants. If problems arise, the implants might need to be removed. It is also recommended that women have regular MRI scans to monitor their implants.

Undergoing breast augmentation might give a woman the confidence she needs to wear low-cut tops and bikinis. The procedure corrects the damage after pregnancy and cancer surgery. Choosing the right implant type helps women enjoy the most benefits. Evaluating the procedures determines the potential lifespan of the implants. Women review more about the surgeries to determine if the procedure is right for them.

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