9 reasons why self-awareness is important

9 reasons why self-awareness is important

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By self-awareness, you have an understanding of your feelings, thinking patterns, motivations, and tendencies. These give you a sense of self-worth, value, and motivations. Without self-awareness, you will not have an internal measure of your worth.
Have you ever ask yourself what other people think of you? Of course, you are. Do you know that other peoples opinions are not important? You can’t change them. The most important is your opinion about yourself. That is why self-awareness is so critical.
According to Tasha Eurich, who is an organizational psychologist and studies self-awareness, 95% of people believe that they have self-awareness, but in reality, only 10-15% of people are self-aware.

Here are 9 reasons why self-awareness is important

1) When you are challenged both physically and mentally, you push yourself to be better

Understanding yourself is the art to realize how you see yourself in everyday life, how you react to events which happen in your life.
The more self-awareness you are, the more you will understand yourself and others, and that will benefit every aspect of your life.
You will leave out of your comfort zone and start to understand what makes you happy. This will encourage you to change areas of your life that you take for granted and begin to do what you want to do and enjoy life.

2) Increased self-awareness allows you to find your misplaced self-esteem.

Self-esteem is crucial for achieving success in life. Increased self-awareness allows you to find your misplaced self-confidence.

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3) Self-awareness helps you manage your emotions

Think about the bad and good things in your life. How you reacted when they happened? How did you feel after that? What will you want to change in your emotions the next time when some good or bad thing happen?
As much as you are aware of your emotions as much, you will manage them. Always there will be things which will make you happy or angry. Controlling your feelings will help you to ignore the things which irritate you and focus on the things which make you satisfied and happy. Try to be always friendly to people maintaining your values even when they don’t deserve it.
By identifying emotions and elements of your character, you will begin to understand yourself. To gain self-awareness, insight into your character and strength start to analyze your behaviors and your thoughts. Put your emotions to good use

4) Self-awareness allows you to overcome fear which holds you back from things you enjoy.

Everyone has fears. It is normal. You may experience fear when you start a new job, on your first date with someone, when you ride a car for the first time. However, they become a problem when they start to affect your functioning. If you allow the distress from the fear can cause intense anxiety or nervousness. Self-awareness allows you to reflect on your fears and realize how much they affect your life. You will notice are they keeping you from moving forward in your life?


5) Positive thinking is an integral part of a healthy life & self-awareness allows you to find peace and happiness within.

Incorporating new behaviors and positive thinking will go some way to eliminating any past failings.

Positive thinking will improve your self-awareness, but it will also enhance your confidence to enable you to make great decisions in your life.

With positive thinking, you will feel more capable of yourself. This will enable you to be more confident in any action you take.

6) Self-Awareness gives you time to relax, meditate and reflect on issues and how to solve them.

When you know your strength and your weakness, you will enhance your energy to improve yourself with a relaxing, meditation and yoga

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7) With Self-Awareness You can live a more balanced life.

Today’s world is a hectic place. Though we all have different struggles in life, the one thing we all have in common is that we’re all pretty busy. We rush from one place to another believing that there is no other way to live. But if you’d stop for a second, you’d be able to rethink whether your current lifestyle makes you happy and allows you to be who you are.

A long time ago, there was a woman called Norma Jean Baker, also known as Marilyn Monroe, the Hollywood’s superstar. When asked whether she was happy in life, Miss Monroe answered: ‘…let’s see…I hope I’m finding happiness…If I’m genuinely anything, I’m genuinely miserable (laughs)… I don’t know’.

Unfortunately, Marilyn died a couple of years later. We’ll never know whether she had found her happiness or not. But one thing is for sure – she was genuine when answering this question. The pursuit of happiness never ends. Luckily, at least we know how the journey starts – with a decision to live a healthy and mindful life.

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8) It gives you renewed energy.

“Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.” 
~ Wayne Dyer ~

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9) Your mind and soul are in harmony with the things happening around you.

Self-awareness allows you to know better yourself

You know what your capabilities and strengths are and you know that you need to be confident to carry them out.
Never focus on your weaknesses. Thy to increase your confidence and improve them learn from your weaknesses In that way you can build a stronger future for yourself.


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