Simple actions you can take to increase your self-esteem

Simple actions you can take to increase your self-esteem

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Simple actions you can take to increase your self-esteem

If you want to succeed in your life you need to be confident in yourself.  Increased self-awareness allows you to find your misplaced self-esteem. Self-esteem is crucial for achieving success in life. If you’re not feeling confident, here are simple actions you can take to increase your self-esteem.

Understand that you are the author of your own life

You are the person who can set goals, take actions, and improve your life in a range of ways – including working on boosting your self-confidence. While it is true that you can’t control everything that happens in your life, you CAN control your responses to the unexpected. Increased self-awareness allows you to find your happiness.

Believe in yourself

You are not worth less than others. You must realize that everyone is unique and special. No one is like you. You have qualities to do what you want and when you want. As is told in the God Memorandum (From the book THE GREATEST MIRACLE IN THE WORLD by Og Mandino)

You are the greatest miracle in the world

Don’t feel self-pity and each new day will be a challenge and a joy. Enjoy your life. You have the same right as anyone else to stand up for yourself, pursue your dreams,  and make a difference in the way that’s most meaningful to you.

Comparing yourself to others can lead to a perception that you are lacking in some way. Envy and constantly trying to “keep up with the Joneses” can only make you more and more unhappy and lacking in confidence.

Set Goals to Build Your Self-Esteem

Setting goals are one of the best ways to achieve what you want most in life. Without goals, you are living your life with no real direction or destination. That is like getting into a car and driving with no idea of where you want to go, without a map or GPS. By achieving them you will feel satisfied and full with life and your self-esteem will rise. You will be more awareness, confident and motivated. You will have enthusiasm and willings to prove people and yourself that you are capable to do them.  Here is how to set them


Decide what is most important in terms of boosting your confidence. Do you want to go back to college to finish your degree, or start a new one? Do you want to begin a whole new career as a website designer?

Set Your Goal

Once you know what the priority is, you can set the goal. For example, if you are going to start up a new career as a website designer, you would plan to take a course, get certified, and then start marketing your services so you could get a list of clients.

Action Steps

But you have to walk before you can run. So, there would be no point in marketing your services, for example, until you were close to completing your course and gaining your certificate. Each of these goals would, therefore, have to be lined up in the right order.

Setting SMART goals

A great way to break down your goals to make sure you can achieve them is to use the memory aid SMART:


  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant/Realistic
  • Timed


Your goal is specific and is measurable in time; that is, it will be completed by a certain date. You can measure it, such as, “I will complete my degree in 2020 and try to get at least a 3.5 GPA.” It also has to be realistic and achievable. For example, most people take 3 or 4 years to complete a college degree. Therefore, if you were starting from scratch, it would be pretty unlikely that you could finish your degree in 1 or 2 years.

The Journey as Well as the Destination

It is great to be clear about your destination, but you also need to enjoy the journey along the way. For example, it can be very scary to go back to college, but it can also open doors to meeting new people and discovering a range of new experiences. You can try to go it alone and study by yourself all the time, or join a study group, share notes and ideas, and more.

Breaking Down Large Goals into Milestones

Sometimes it helps to break down a large goal into smaller ones you can check off from time to time as having been accomplished. For example, if you are taking a college class that is 12 weeks long, chances are you will have a mid-term exam and four essays. Working hard in order to do well on each and learning from your professor’s comments will be key.

Success Breeds Success

Each time you get a good grade on a paper or exam, you will start to feel more successful and grow in confidence and self-esteem. If you do poorly, don’t just suffer in silence. Read the comments, ask your professor what you can do better, get help at the campus writing center to improve your essay style, and so on. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be willing to learn from your mistakes and do better.

Personal Development

Personal development is an important step toward building self-esteem. There are many free or cheap things you can do online related to personal development. If you wish to be more confident speaking in public, for example, why not take action to make this come about, such as taking a course and joining a speaker’s bureau or Toastmasters.

If you struggle with shyness, set a goal of speaking to three strangers each day. You could also write an “elevator speech” to tell people who you are and what you do in order to market yourself well. It should be no more than 30 seconds long and tell people who you are and what problems you solve if it’s work related. Practice it until it sounds natural and is easy for you to say without getting nervous.

There are a lot of inspirational and motivational books on the market. There are a lot of courses and self-education programs. Before you start with everything check if the program or course has results.

See how many people are satisfied and read their testimonials and do your research
All you need to succeed is resources. Or tools, systems, formula, methods, approaches, strategies, plan, maps; all same thing.
Sometimes the resources are available right in front of us.
Sometimes we have to get them or procure them and all we need is ask.

Who do you ask?
Coaches, consultants, subject matter experts, accountability buddies/friends, trainers, educators, teachers, instructors, facilitators, confidants, peers, researchers, affiliates, people around you, schools, universities, institutions and organizations around you, etc

What can you ask for?
-Examples of educational programs, guides, for different areas of life, such as business, finance, relations, health, etc
-Reward ideas
-The questionnaire, personality tests, and other tests, quizzes
-Templates for journaling, tracking and calculating nutrition, exercise, well being, finances, business, etc
-Principles, suggestions, tips, summaries for inspiring, empowering thoughts, beliefs, habits, declarations, mottos, or affirmations, etc
-Words and questions to use in certain situations.
-Best practices for management of people, energy, money and time.
-How to measure passions, talents, identify a niche, create a mission, vision, etc
-Evaluations of software, etc
-Referrals for lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, investment advisors, IT support, etc

Remember: you have all that you need, either in front of you or around you! 

Find your good points 

Make a list of 25 things you’re good at. Don’t stop until you hit 25, which will force you to really take a candle to every corner of your being as you search for your good points. Put the list somewhere visible where you can review it frequently, such as your fridge, a bulletin board, or on a computer sticky notes pad

Stop Having Negative Thoughts

It’s natural to think about all the what-ifs in life, but it’s also easy to go overboard. If you’re able to, anytime you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself, others, or the potential outcome of your actions, stop. If you can’t stop, then start thinking about positive things. Envision something you want or a goal you’d like to reach in as much detail as possible. The more positivity you put into your heart and mind, the more the negativity will spill out.

Be Grateful

Gratitude is the amazing foundation of a happy life. Start listing things you’re grateful for every day, and even try to find silver linings in the cloud. The positivity and happiness you build up from your thankfulness will contagiously spread to other areas of your life, including how you perceive yourself.

Dress the Part

Stand, walk and sit with good posture. Make sure you’re clean and well groomed every day and wearing respectable clothing. Dressing the part is not superficial or false. In fact, it’s an excellent and very easy way to build self-esteem. If you feel that you look respectable, you’ll find it easier to accept respect from the people around you.

If you don’t feel comfortable in your own body and you need to change something

Here are products which will help you to increase your self-esteem 

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If you want to look better here are some programs which may help you

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Accept Compliments

Whenever people give you compliments, accept and appreciate them. Don’t bat them away with a false sense of humility or shyness, or attempt to reciprocate just to be nice. Smile, say thank you, and appreciate that they’ve complimented you on something that is true about you.

Start Doing Stuff

Have you always wanted to learn how to play guitar, or paint like a French Impressionist? Stop putting off your goals, and start completing them. Completing them will give you a sense of fulfillment and pride, and build up the momentum to start being successful in other areas of life as well. It’s best to focus on one major goal at a time, so you don’t get distracted and drop all of them.

Here is a good tactic for doing stuff to improve your self-esteem

Commit yourself to do one thing every week which will help you increase your self-esteem. This will have to be something easy to do. But you have to do it for a whole week. For example, you can commit yourself to improve your gratitude. So you have to be grateful for every your small or big success every day. You have to pay attention to your attitude and your doings. Be grateful for every new day, a new friend, for a time spent with special for you people, for everything you will get. Be grateful for bad things too. You will learn a lot from them, become stronger and increase your self-esteem

If you want to lose weight commit yourself for example that you will not eat after But really stop eating after 7 pm. You will see how after several days this will become your routine.

Keep a diary of your success and failures. Keep it every day and read it from time to time. You will see your improvement and the increase in your self-esteem in a short period of time.

Avoid Toxic People

Try to avoid toxic people as much as possible.

Read this article how to do it

Smart Tips for Dealing with Toxic People

I AM! statements

According to my mentor ROBERT HOLLIS you have to practice morning routines. I’m statements and God Memorandum (From the book THE GREATEST MIRACLE IN THE WORLD by Og Mandino) are one of them

Here are his I’m statements which he found from different books and videos. Read them every day and you can see how you will become more enthusiastic and with more self-esteem from day to day.

I am ….
I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!
I deeply and fully accept myself!
I feel safe and secure in my life!
I feel loved and deserving of love!
I am competent, capable and worthy!
I am loving and I am loved!
I am surrounded by trusting and trustworthy friends!
I bring value to everyone!
I am a child of God and the universe he created!
I am a success!
I can be, do and have everything I want!
I can do anything I put my mind to!
I vividly picture what I want and resolutely move toward it!
Prosperity is circulating in my life!
Prosperity flows to me in avalanches of abundance!
I am comfortable with riches and success!
My needs, desires, and goals are met instantaneously!
I am enthusiastically achieving my goals! I have unlimited self-esteem!
I deserve money and success!
I am creating success! My life overflows with abundance, prosperity, riches, and success!
Ideas are now coming to me that will help me achieve whatever I want in life!
I immediately and enthusiastically act toward my goals!
My thoughts are powerful and I effortlessly direct them toward what I want!
I act with confidence to implement the creative ideas I am always receiving!
I am willing to take well-thought-out risks to move toward success and riches!
God’s wealth is circulating in my life!
His wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance!
All my needs, desires and goals are met instantaneously because I am one with God, and God is everything!
I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis!
Wouldn’t be cool if…. 3 Words that define WHO YOU WANT TO BE!
I’m Blessed and Highly Favored!

Motivation quotes

Here are some motivation quotes
Open the link every day and read some of them. They will give you positive energy and self-esteem too

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