15 Ways to Turn Your Small Bathroom To a Resting Haven

15 Ways to Turn Your Small Bathroom To a Resting Haven

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By Patrick Adams, Contributing author and a freelance writer

Small bathrooms can seem extremely boring. They usually are cramped and dark. Making your bathroom seem more spacious and beautiful is a fun and easy process. Within just a few days, you can transform your bathroom from a confined space to spa-like heaven. Your long baths will seem more appealing than ever if you just follow these simple tips.

Pay attention to your light fixtures

The first thing that will make your bathroom look bad is poor lighting. Besides being completely impractical, it also makes any room seem old and messy. The lack of natural lighting is a huge problem for small bathrooms and bad lighting makes things even worse. You don’t have to get new light fixtures if you want to keep everything budget-friendly. Instead, you can swap your old bulbs with LED ones. They are great not only for making the bathroom brighter but also for saving energy.


Don’t forget about your ears

No, we are not talking about washing behind your ears (though you should never forget about this). Rather, we suggest you treat your ears to some luxury, and not just your body and your eyes. Get some calming, tranquil music in your bath. There are waterproof Bluetooth speakers you can get, as well as specialty made bathroom sound systems. Maybe a par of waterproof headphones, always waiting for you in your bathroom cabinet, is what you need?

And of course, you need to get the right type of music (i.e. sounds) if you want to get things going and moving. For example, some sounds of nature, birds, animals, rainfall, a brook in a tropical forest, or just the wind. Maybe you prefer the sound of crickets, something that pushes you into a new world and a new place.

A touch of brass is a touch of class

Something that really helps distinguish your place from other regular bathrooms is a nice touch of brass. Namely, brass has been a luxury item for decades. It evokes a feeling of old-timey style, a sense of the good old days when people knew what looking classy actual meant.

Beauty for all the senses

We already mentioned how important your ears are, and basically, everything you are doing now is for your eyes, but what about your nose? A big part of any spa is being a banquet to the senses, relaxing your body, soul, and mind in this manner. So, why not do something for your olfactory system, and get some nice candles?

And while you’re on the topic of candles, get some diffusers, some essential oils, and some bath bombs. Just let yourself become overwhelmed, enticed, seduced by a panoply of smells, sights, and sounds when you enter your bathroom, let this be a safe haven’t your very own spa.


Get more open shelves

The best way to add depth to your bathroom is by using open shelving. You can make and install your shelves immediately. The next thing you should think about is where you’re going to place your shelving. You can put it on a wall that is bare and doesn’t have a special purpose. The area behind the toilet would be ideal for this. Vertical storage is amazing for maximising the space for storing sponge or towels. You can also put hooks on your wall hanging shelve to make your small space more practical.


Go with a nice earthy palate

Truly getting a good look for your spa-inspired bathroom means you need some natural-looking colours, some good old fashioned stylized paint jobs. This means lots of brown, grey, green, everything that evokes the feeling of nature and an actual retreat. Maybe somewhere deep in the mountains, maybe someplace mysterious, remote, and soothing.

However, if you have a small bathroom, then some lighter colours might be what you need since darker colours will make it look too small.

Add some plants

Adding greenery is a proven way to make any space livelier and more natural. You will also purify the air in your bathroom if you add greenery to it. You can place the plants in corners or hang them from ceilings. Your bathroom will have a more relaxing impact as soon as you find some plants, even the smallest ones. You can place plants such as fishtail fern which will also remove germs and bacteria from the air, or some other typical Australian plant. If your bathroom doesn’t have huge windows and much natural light, you can place the same faux succulents instead. These are also great since they don’t require water or light and you won’t have to spend much time taking care of them.

Put mirrors up strategically

Placing mirrors cleverly can make your bathroom look twice its size. This means that you don’t have to knock down any walls to make your bathroom seem bigger. You can make your bathroom look like a spa with one big or a few smaller mirrors. A big mirror can be placed strategically on one of the walls to create an optical illusion and the room look more spacious than it actually is. The same effect can be made with a couple of smaller mirrors. You’ll find your space more open and brighter if you play with the mirrors in the bathroom.

Equip your bathroom better

Faucets and showerheads usually get corroded. This will make your bathroom seem older and messier. You can start the renovation of the bathroom by replacing your faucet. Choose some that will match the design of the bathroom and look luxurious. You won’t spend much money if you switch the showerhead too. Finding the right parts can sometimes be a drag, so searching for good bathroom supplies online can represent what you really need. Look for some bigger showerheads to make your bathroom look more like a spa.

Buy new accessories

You can bring your bathroom to life if you replace all your faded towels with new ones. Get some fluffier towels in rich colours to make your space look fancier. Look for absorbent high-quality towels. The next step might be replacing your old bath mat. Turkish and Persian rugs will give your bathroom a fresh Oriental look. You can find ways to make containers and jars for all your salts, bath bombs, and bar soaps. As a finishing touch, label everything and enjoy your neat and luxurious bathroom.

Place some scented candles around

Nothing will make your bathroom seem like a spa more than spa-like accessories. You can start by getting some scented candles. They don’t cost a fortune, but they make a great difference. You can even skip spending money on them completely by making your scented candles. Use old candles and fragrance oils to make accessories for your bathroom. You should just find some pretty glass jars, melt the old candle wax into them, and, finally, add a few drops of the oil. You should also paint your bathroom in bright colours to make it more spacious and as enjoyable as possible.

Tidy the place up a bit

A very simple thing you can do that not enough people appreciate – tidy up the place for a change. Sometimes a big mess, lots of clutter and pointless stuff, this can all make your bathroom not nearly as nice as it could be.

So, actually, collect your bearings, and work hard on getting all of his junk out.  Throw out all those used deodorant bottles, get rid of those soap fragments. Clean the place up, get a new hairbrush or at least clean the one you have up. Sometimes what you think is a necessary paint job just waiting to happen, is actually just a need to wipe thing down, and freshen it up a bit.

Get yourself a deep, luxurious tub

First things first – you want to relax in style if you’re turning your bathroom into a spa. And for that reason, we suggest you get a nice, gorgeous, luxurious tub. Even if your bathroom is tiny, that doesn’t mean you can’t fully enjoy something like a warm soak in the tub. Just so you know, manufacturers aren’t only making large tubs for huge bathrooms. You can definitely find a nice tub if you just take the time to search for one. And the best part is – there are just so many styles to choose from.

For example, you can go with a nice Zen exotic style bathroom, a nice deep Japanese tub that you can just soak in for an entire day. So, get this set up, get some candles and rose petals, and just relax completely until all your worries have melted away.


Bathrooms are as important as other rooms in a house. A cramped bathroom with poor lighting can make you feel unsatisfied and have a bad impact on your mood. You don’t have to put up with that any longer. Start today by changing your lighting and proceed to other ways and make your bathroom beautiful and spa-like in just a couple of days.

Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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