Nature-inspired décor: 5 Tips to Bring Nature Indoors

Nature-inspired décor: 5 Tips to Bring Nature Indoors

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Nature-inspired décorNature-inspired décor

Nature-inspired décor has become our way of introducing tranquillity and serenity into our lives. Natural elements help us turn our homes into soothing sanctuaries where subtle elegance, natural energy, and positivity permeate every corner. However, not only is nature-inspired décor so calming and inspiring, but it’s also undoubtedly stylish and sophisticated. After all, no other style has such harmonious aesthetic appeal. What’s even more mesmerizing is the infinity of design possibilities that nature offers to our homes.

Nature-inspired décor

1. Look for color inspiration outside

It’s simply amazing how perfectly matched colors are in nature. Every possible combination is so harmonious and enticing, so why not introduce them to your home? A palette of earthy tones will create an ambiance of relaxation while also working as a subtle backdrop to other design elements. However, there’s more to nature-inspired palettes than soothing neutrals. For a more energizing vibe, you can go with a summer-inspired scheme of fiery oranges, yellows, and greens. Find your inspiration in nature and fill your home with colors that evoke the feeling of serenity in you.

2. Implement natural, eco-friendly materials

Materials are a major part of nature-inspired décor, so make sure to introduce them to your home. However, you need to preserve natural balance and the environment, which means that eco-friendly, sustainable materials should be your top choice. What’s even better is the fact that such materials will give your space a truly authentic vibe. For instance, reclaimed or salvaged wood, cork, and bamboo are all stunning options that will introduce a feeling of natural warmth to your sanctuary. Roughly cut natural stone is another stunning way to add an organic touch to your décor.

3. Fill your home with natural scents

The key to designing a truly inspiring home environment lies in appealing to all of your senses. Filling your home with beautiful natural home fragrance products will affect the overall atmosphere and bring you closer to nature. From enticing scented candles and flower potpourri to soothing linen sprays and refreshing soap, there are plenty of ways to give your space an enchanting aroma. This will enrich your entire home experience and enable you to unwind in a calming ambiance.

4. Decorate with natural accessories

Nature offers a world of inspiration when it comes to decorations and accessories. You should follow your creativity and experiment with items found in nature, as well as with nature-inspired motifs. For instance, you can use stones, rocks, and pebbles to decorate your space by placing them in flower vases, planters or decorative bowls. You can also place them in your shower for an organic, spa-like vibe. Houseplants are another beautiful decoration that will capture the spirit of nature in your home. From tiny succulents and potted plants to green corners and living walls, greenery is always the way to go in nature-inspired design.

Embracing nature-inspired motifs is another stylish way to decorate your home. For instance, botanical wallpapers are not only inspiring but also extremely trendy. You can transform a wall into a focal point by using a wallpaper design that features natural scenery. You can also use nature-themed paintings, photographs, and posters to embellish your walls.

5.      Create a play of texture and patterns with natural fibers

Area rugs, throw pillows, stylish covers, lush drapes and comfy sheets are all mesmerizing opportunities for giving your home another touch of nature. While area rugs made of sisal, jute or hemp can give your home an organic flair, wicker can be used for decorative items, beautiful baskets and even furniture. As for throw pillows, covers, and sheets, there’s nothing quite organic cotton, soft linen and beautiful wool.

These details will not only create a rich, layered ambiance in your home, but they can also be used to embellish your space by introducing beautiful patterns and nature-inspired motifs. Furthermore, when set against other materials, such as wood or stone, natural fabrics will create an enticing play of texture in your space.

By embracing nature and welcoming it to your home, not only will you create an atmosphere of peacefulness, but you’ll also find your inner peace and become one with nature.

Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and the editor-in-chief at .  She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is very interested in sustainability and green building, and that’s where she gets most of her inspiration.

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