Smart Tech: A Smart Choice For the Environment

Smart Tech: A Smart Choice For the Environment

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By  Jenn Samson Contributing Author, a passionate  freelance writer, and editor

With 63% of 35-54 year olds worrying “a great deal” about global warming, technology has much to offer all demographics when it comes to updating our homes and habits to reduce the overall impact on the environment. Where smart tech may once have been thought of as inaccessible or futuristic, it is increasingly becoming affordable, easy to use, and appealing to home owners, parents and workers. Used alongside more traditional approaches such as committing to zero waste or encouraging more greenery and plant-life at home, smart tech makes it easier than ever to run a more eco-friendly household.   

Eco-friendly efficiency

At present, the US only uses around one third of the electricity it generates; that’s an enormous and expensive amount of wastage. You can at least make your home more efficient by installing smart sockets. This means you can turn off appliances when not in use via an app on your smart phone.

Similarly, smart lighting means you can not only create the right ambience when you are at home, but also switch off lights in empty rooms. Zoning the climate control at home or in the office is another really smart way to be efficient with your heating or cooling; different rooms or areas can be kept at different temperatures without waste or hassle. 

Pledge to go paperless

The latest EPA data shows that 22 million tons of paper went into landfills last year; a huge improvement on previous years, but still a significant impact on the environment.  Embracing smart tech means you can aim for a paperless household. Speak to suppliers to request emailed bills or invoices, and switch to online or app-based banking to cut down on paper statements.

Advances in smart tech means you could also keep fewer paper files at work; storing data on the cloud and using services such as Dropbox means not only less paper, but also more opportunity for flexible working and less demand for fuel-heavy flights or commutes to meet with colleagues and clients. With smart tech, you can access the information you need wherever you are, so long as you have WiFi.

Overall, smart tech has much to offer the environment

From helping you run a more energy efficient home, to cutting down on paper waste and fuel consumption, modern advances can offer some really positive solutions. The more we protect our planet, the more it can look after us in return.

Jenn Samson is a freelance writer and editor. She used to work in PR but has been embracing the freelance life for many years now. Outside of work she enjoys cooking, hiking and traveling to Europe as much as possible.

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