The Unseen Connection Between Smoking And Eating Junk Food

The Unseen Connection Between Smoking And Eating Junk Food

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The Unseen Connection Between Smoking And Eating Junk food


How would you like to know the connection between smoking and eating junk food ; your beloved snacks and sweets?

Some people paint a black and white picture on smoking and don’t care to think about the consequences of their sugar consumption, or they just don’t care.

This post will show you how your constant consumption of sugary and junk foods can be as hazardous to your health as smoking.

Let’s look at it carefully,

When you smoke, you increase your chances of getting cancer and this shortens life drastically.

We all know this.

It is even advertised on the side of every cigarette pack.

But what about junk food?

Why isn’t there a sign in front of every fast food joint about the dangers of continually eating junk food?

Maybe it’s because they think junk isn’t as addictive as tobacco.

But it is, you see?

Because, like nicotine, tobacco and other highly addictive substances, consuming foods high in fat and calories like the ones you buy from the fast food joint brings a feeling of pleasure to your brain.

The more junk food you have, the more you want leading you to crave a higher level of the same food to get more pleasure out of it.

Because, who doesn’t want more of what makes them feel good?

It is no wonder kids and even some adults who get a taste of junk food usually want more of the same every day.

What does this lead to? Bad Health!

What does it lead to?

It leads to obesity

Which in turn leads to a decrease in the quality of your health.

Then some serious health issues begin to come up; like a minor heart attack.

Then a major heart attack.

And then, the worst!

This is the usual route that is expected from consumption of high amounts of junk food.

These luxuries are still a part of many people’s lives and even though many of them will read this, it is not likely to dissipate anytime soon; despite the constant criticism they get for the damage they cause to our bodies when taken in excess.

I just want this little post to create awareness in its own way.

But, let me not be a hypocrite.

I occasionally eat junk when I’m hungry, not at home and when that’s the only option.

I don’t smoke, though.

I don’t think there’s a person on earth who has never had junk meal before.

Maybe monks.

But the thing is we try to moderate it.

What if you eat junk food once in a while? Will it affect you?

If you eat  junk today, for instance. Try to counter the effect of the food before bed and if you ate it as dinner, counter it as soon as you wake up the next morning.

You counter this by going for a run or drinking and eating a very healthy green meal in the morning.

This should counter the effect.

Also, you MUST ONLY eat junk food in moderation.

That’s when the counter effect thing can work effectively.

If you consume 3 hamburgers every night and try to counter it with a 30-minute morning workout, you will be doing yourself a HUGE disfavor.

But isn’t it better to be on a safer side and steer clear of junk and cigarettes altogether.

Prevention is better than cure.

They both clog up your arteries.

Cigarettes clog up your arteries that pumps blood to the vital organs in your body. So does junk because of the trans-fat in them.

They lead to death.

Cigarettes lets off over 4,000 separate chemicals in your body according to, and 50 of those chemicals have been known to lead to cancer.

It has always been clear that both cigarettes and junk food have negatives effects on your health; and that maybe people don’t care of just choose to ignore it and continue taking part in their luxurious comforts.

Junk also leads to death because when you eat too much junk, you add weight and then… I’m pretty sure you know the rest.

How can you reduce these guilty pleasures to the barest minimum?

It’s easy to do.

For junk foods.

First, you throw away all junk and sugar from your house.


Then, you have to start living a healthy lifestyle and also, start a serious fitness routine to lose some of your excess weight.

For cigarettes.

I don’t smoke but I’ve seen how hard it is for people to quit smoking.

So, what I’m suggesting is that you wean yourself off cigarettes slowly and methodically.

Trick your brain to quit smoking for good.


If you take 2 packets of cigarettes a day, reduce it to one and a half.

Then, one pack a day!

Start having one less cigarettes a day until you are only having one stick of cigarette a day.

Then you can quit completely, if you want to.

This method can usually take up to a year to do, depending on how many cigarettes you take a day.

You shouldn’t try to take drastic actions here because the addiction will fight back and come back with full vengeance.

If you take 100 sticks a day, reduce it to 99 the next day and 98 the next, and so on.



But there is one way to completely, absolutely quit smoking and eating junk for good.

Many people are still reluctant to this method but hey, it works.


Hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking in as little as one month or even a day.

Yes, a day!

This is real.

Hypnosis can make you stop instantly.

But it’s completely up to you.

If you are not comfortable with a hypnotist, don’t do it. Or pick a hypnotist that you can trust.

Conclusion: Over to You

This is how smoking and eating junk food are related.

So now you know.

By the way, I would really love to hear from you after you have tried the methods I suggested above on how to quit junk and cigarettes.

I would like to know how the experience went for you.

Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section.



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