Get ready for a more confident you! Part Three

Get ready for a more confident you! Part Three

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Get ready for a more confident you! Part ThreeGet ready for a more confident you! Part Three

Thanks for joining us and welcome to the course =>Get ready for a more confident you!

In the last part, we discussed how to increase your confidence by learning new skills. As you learn, you will be networking with new people. Chances are that they will be very positive, outgoing people and their energy can help you feel more confident in return.

Watch Out for Negativity

A lack of confidence stems from external and internal sources. A thoughtless remark from a parent or friend can really hurt, especially when you are younger. You might be so hurt that you start to internalize what has been said, believing it to be “true,” to the point where it actually starts to hold you back from success. You might label yourself “bad with numbers,” and give up trying to do anything more than scrape by. Or, you can have the confidence to know you can learn if you just take the time and effort.

Beware of Sabotage

Sometimes friends and loved ones don’t understand your point of view and may sabotage you by being negative or doubtful. In other cases, they might tell you outright “not to waste your time.” They might do this out of concern for you. They might also do it because it suits them for you to be “less than” you really could be because the relationship might change or end as a result.

Networking with Positive People

“Debbie Downers” and “Negative Nellies” sap your strength and energy. Positive people, on the other hand, fill you with enthusiasm. People you admire make you aspire to be your best self. This will propel you towards success. They also make you feel good about what you have accomplished, thus boosting your confidence.

Spend time with people you admire, the types of “movers and shakers” that get the job done and are brimming with confidence. Learn from them and you should soon feel your energy change completely from, “Maybe I can,” to “I have done it.”

Positive Friends

Positive friends lift you up when you are feeling down. They support you when times are tough. They are also a great sounding board for trying out new ideas. Some of them may also have a lot of helpful advice on how to achieve a particular goal, and how confident you will feel once you do.

This level of confidence is great in your personal life, but it is even more important in your work life. Look out for the next part, which is about how to boost your confidence at work.

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