Symptoms of PTSD in women

Symptoms of PTSD in women

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Symptoms of PTSD in women 1Symptoms of PTSD in women 1
PTSD in Woman 5
PTSD in Woman 5

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects much more people than war-weary veterans. According to the newest researches effects of sexual assault, traumatic events such as car accident, natural disaster or even the diagnosis of life- threatening illness affects twice as many women than men. Around one percent of women who experience a trauma may end up suffering from PTSD. It is important Symptoms of PTSD in women to be recognized as soon as possible so the woman can move past this horrible disorder with proper treatment and start with happy, healthy life.

Why might women get PTSD more than men?

The most common reason for females PTSD is sexual assault. According to Statistics about sexual violence, in 2015, one in five women were raped at some point in their lives.  The other most frequent reasons for women, PTSD are childhood traumas. The Parents more likely physically abuse or neglect their daughters, than their sons. And finally women are more emotional than man, and they more likely blame themselves for traumatic experiences.

Most Common Symptoms of PTSD in women

PTSD in Woman 4
PTSD in Woman 4

The time frame is critical for PTSD Symptoms in Woman. If the symptoms appear and end during the first four weeks, it is a good sign. That means the mind is processing the event to recover.  But, if the symptoms exist more than a month, women will have to visit the mental health practitioner. Only they can diagnose whether she has PTSD or not.

Some of the most severe PTSD Symptoms in Woman include vivid memories, nightmares, and flashbacks of the event. Victims can be triggered by words, sentences or even visiting places that remind them of the event. That is the trigger who forces them to relive that traumatic experience over and over again. Other triggers can be related to:

      • Sounds,
      • Smells,
      • Pain
      • Fears that were part of the original event.

These traumatic memories are very painful

A woman will start to avoid people, certain places, objects or events that remind her of the trauma. She may become jumpy and emotionally numb. Many women have trouble with feelings and emotions. Others may experience depression, memory problems, insomnia and trouble concentrating or irritability. In some cases, they threw themselves to alcohol, or even worse. Women may experience many physical symptoms such as irregular heartbeat, headaches, diarrhea, nausea or eating disorders.


Woman in the army

A woman in the military has high chances to pass through traumatic events. They are now active participants in combat. Women in the military are at greater risk of sexual assault than a man.

Symptoms of PTSD in women who don’t start with proper treatment immediately  after the traumatic event

PTSD in woman
PTSD in woman

Appropriate treatment should begin immediately after the traumatic event. The victim must have support from her family and friends at all time to move past her PTSD and start with happy, healthy life. If not, the victim may start with social isolation and withdrawal. She may have suicidal thoughts and behaviors, which can lead to decreased ability to have normal interpersonal relationships. Women who suffer from PTSD may are at risk to develop symptoms that are common for mental health illnesses, such as bipolar disorders, substance use disorders and other mental disorders


Most Common Symptoms of PTSD in women


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