Cease smoking with Tabex (Cytisine)

Cease smoking with Tabex (Cytisine)

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Tabex (Cytisine)Tabex (Cytisine)

According to research, if all smokers ceased from smoking, cases of lung cancer would reduce by approximately 90%. This is because 87% of lung cancer deaths are as a result of tobacco smoking. Smoking is one of the most addictive habits. Considering the serious side effects, it comes with; most smokers find themselves looking for ways to get out of it with no success. Are you one of them? Well, if yes, then we bring you the good news you have long craved for. With Tabex (Cytisine) you can say goodbye to smoking. Results may vary from person to person. What works for some people, does not work for others.

What is Cytisine?

Cytisine is an alkaloid that is found in Cytisus Laburnum plant. Though present in all parts of this plant, the seeds, however, have been found to be the richest source of this medicine. Having been used in the Eastern Europe for over four decades, Cytisine has been found to be reliable when it comes to smoking cessation. It has proven to provide a similar rewarding effect as nicotine.

To verify the effectiveness of this drug, research was conducted in a smokers’ clinic located in Warsaw, Poland. A sample of 315 people was used. Tabex (Cytisine) was then administered to these people for 25 days with minimal behavioral support. Of the 315, 60 participants abstained tobacco smoking for over 12 months. However, 49 people could not continue with the medication because negatively affected them.
But wait, that was then- with significant improvements having been made on the drug, it currently possesses a success rate of 57% when it comes to smoking cessation.

How does Tabex (Cytisine) Work?

Providing similar rewarding effect as nicotine, Cytisine acts as a perfect substitution of nicotine in the human body. To put it in other words, Cytisine acts on nicotine receptors in the body hence preventing the appearance of abstinence syndrome. This means that the smoker’s body does not recognize the absence of nicotine. Hence, the body functions as if it were under the influence of nicotine.
Though it works similarly as nicotine in the body, cytisine has a lower toxicity. Being a very well tolerated drug, when given in therapeutic doses, the user (the smoker) gives up on smoking in just five days!
Though Cytisine efficiently works to stop smoking, it should be noted that personal efforts are also essential. For this reason, it effectively works for people with firm intention to quit smoking.

Why should you take Cytisine?

As aforesaid, smoking is dangerous to our health. It not only leads to lung cancer but also other serious diseases such as ulcers, impotence, asthma, cardiovascular disease ( a disease affecting the lungs as a result of inflammation of the alveoli), stroke, among others. Therefore, it affects almost all parts of the body. Considering how dangerous smoking is, Tabex (Cytisine) acts as a smoking cessation to boost your efforts of avoiding this dangerous addiction.

Does Tabex (Cytisine) have adverse effects on some people?

Unfortunately, just like other regular drugs, cytisine won’t work perfectly to all. By this, I don’t mean that it does not provide a similar rewarding effect of nicotine to some people; rather, it causes adverse effects to some people. Though the cases are rare, some people experience nausea, dry mouth, headaches, irritability, constipation, changes in both taste and appetite, etc. However, it is important to note that some of these effects abate in the course of the treatment.

-In the cases of pregnant women, where there is uncontrolled administration, Cytisine can lead to embryotoxic action. For this reason, expectant women should not use this drug. It is also not recommended for breast feeding mothers.

-In case the drug is taken in overdose, symptoms of nicotine intoxication are observed. These symptoms may include nausea, headache, vomiting, cloning convulsions, general weakness, paralysis of respiration, tachycardia (a disorder in which the heart beats at a faster rate), etc.

Important points you should know about Cytisine

-When it comes to interactions with other drugs, there have been no reported cases of undesirable interactions with other drugs. -To ensure that the drug will work for you, make sure that you check the manufacture date before using. It should be used within two years from the date of manufacture.
-As it is the case with most drugs (where you are advised to avoid driving or machine operation after taking), Cytisine users are not prohibited from either of these activities after the administration.


Health is the greatest wealth. Therefore, let us prioritize our health in every step of life we take. Smoking negatively affects our health. It does this to the extent of causing deaths through lung cancer and other deadly diseases that result from smoking.
It’s time to kick lung cancer out of the planet earth. Not physically, but through a peaceful strategy. All we need to do is avoid smoking.  However, with the habit being so addictive, it seems a mission impossible to most of the smokers. Luckily, Tabex (Cytisine) exist to make the mission possible. It has proven to bring about smoking cessation, for decades now, with a high success rate. But wait, you don’t only need Cytisine to overcome the habit; goodwill to do so is similarly important.


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