Ways to Put Yourself on Your Priority List

Ways to Put Yourself on Your Priority List

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Incorporate self-care rituals

by  Scarlet Gratton
Contributing Author, a passionate writer, professional fashion, lifestyle, and health,  expert

We live in very busy times. From the hectic mornings where we are jolted awake by an alarm, to that exhausted moment in the evening when we finally get to fall back into our bed and get some sleep. We worry about the rent, we worry about the bills, we worry about our children and our relationships, our career and what will the neighbors think. From fretting over how to organize your day to manage all your errands, to trying to please everyone and everything around you so no one gets mad, so no one thinks poorly of you. And all the while you do this, the same thought keeps running through your head: “I wish I had more time.” Well, for that to happen things will have to change. Your own well being cannot take the back seat anymore, so if you feel like you need to change your priorities and start thinking of yourself more, we’re here to help.


sleepSleep is the first thing you need think about because if we don’t have a stable sleep schedule and get enough rest every night, then we simply won’t have the energy to do anything else. Tasks will take longer, they’ll feel overwhelming, and our motivation will dwindle if we’re constantly sleep deprived. Start going to bed early, don’t drink coffee in the evening, and avoid the use of electronics at least an hour before your bedtime.

Learn how to say no

It’s one thing to be kind and helpful, and a completely different thing to be a pushover. You need to learn how to say no, how to assert yourself and know when to stop, when to refuse to take on another obligation or an errand for someone else. Be polite, but be firm and put a stop to any convincing or arguments. Your no should be final and people need to respect it.

Incorporate self-care rituals

Do something that makes you happy every day. Do you like to read? Then set aside at least half an hour during the day to enjoy a novel. Meditate, watch a TV show, play around with makeup, learn how to knit or how to code, put some boxing gloves on and take it out on a punching bag, or have a long, luxurious bath and put a sheet mask on. Pamper yourself with various spa treatments and spend the whole day just relaxing. What soothes you? What inspires you? Stick to your hobbies and your little self-care rituals because they’ll keep you sane.

Learn how to organize yourself better

Very often we actually have more time than we think we do, but we don’t know how to use it properly, or just get lost in the hectic rush to get things done. Learning some organizational skills like keeping a daily planner and scheduling tasks can really take you far because it’ll help you stay on track and never have to face doing something at the last moment because you completely forgot about it.

Start working out and eating better

Even if you’re the busiest personal alive, you can probably squeeze in 30-minute workouts five times a week. Whether you go to the gym or stay at home and follow a fitness challenge, exercising is something that every person can benefit from and we encourage you to find something that you like. Exercise, eat well, and let your fitness give you energy and motivation to be happy every day.

Let toxic people go

Do you genuinely have time for people who are constantly negative or who criticize you? No, probably not. Why waste your energy on someone who makes you feel bad or who makes you afraid to be yourself? Let them go and focus on those who are there for you, who are supportive, and who pick you up instead of putting you down.

Remember never to feel guilty for taking time for yourself because you can’t help anyone if you’re exhausted and miserable. Your happiness is important, and those who love you will feel so much better knowing that you’re okay and that you’re taking care of your own needs.

Scarlet is a passionate writer and regular contributor at ripped.me interested in fashion, lifestyle, and health. She loves traveling, you could say that she is a real travel addict, especially when she has a chance to visit some exotic destinations. She would tell you that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.

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